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Hosted by copywriter Kevin Rogers (founder of Copy Chief). Every episode delivers the REAL stories and A-ha! takeaways behind the most successful marketing straight from the creators.

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Here’s What You’ll Hear On Copy Chief Radio

Freelance marketers wear many hats. To make sure we cover all the important topics needed to build a thriving freelance business and create marketing assets that convert, we’ve divided our episodes into 4 different themes:

Episode style #1 – Freelancer’s Journey:

In these episodes, successful freelancers share the tactical moves that catapulted their careers through the 7 Phases of The Freelancer’s Journey. Learn more about The Freelancer’s Journey here.

Episode style #2 – Wisdom Tree:
Wisdom Tree episodes let you listen in on intimate chats with the industry’s top marketers. Well-known legends and lesser-known but wildly successful entrepreneurs share their hard-won wisdom and actionable advice for succeeding in business. 

Episode style #3 – New Breed

Up and coming marketing and copywriting stars share their most innovative methods in these “from the trenches” New Breed episodes. Learn their best tips and tactics for succeeding in the fast-changing world of direct response marketing.

Episode style #4 – Coffee with Kev

Grab a quick cup host Kevin Rogers to help you solve one specific problem and find new inspiration for taking your business to the next level.

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Your CCR Host: Kevin Rogers

Hi, I’m Kevin Rogers.

I started Copy Chief in 2014 so high-level copywriters and marketers could have a private place online (away from the clutter of social media) to share our well-guarded secrets on what works best (and what failed worst), so we could all do better work.

Since then we’ve opened our doors to members of all levels, from true legends of the industry to eager new converts to the craft looking to score their first client win.

Our motto is: Nobody Writes Alone because we watch each other’s back with honest and instructive copy critiques, Masterclass level trainings, and searchable framework templates to help you stay on track and pump out copy fast. 

I’m proud to say that the name Copy Chief has become synonymous with quality and integrity in copywriting across the industry. This is where the top direct response marketers and business owners come to meet and hire their copywriters.

Whether you’ve been writing and marketing for 3 months or 30 years, you’ll be blown away by what you experience inside. Our members consider Copy Chief their secret weapon in business.

This community works so well because we keep things simple…

Everything we share is based on results, everyone treats each other with respect, and everyone invests in their membership so they can get the most return from it.

If you’d like to learn from the very best in our industry, access the #1 Jobs Board, and get unlimited coaching and critiques from the pros (based on what’s working today)…

Then, welcome! You’ve found your new home.

Kevin Rogers

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