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EP 276: CWK: What is a “dream client”?

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EP 276: CWK: What is a “dream client”?

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In This Episode

How do you define a “dream client”?

If you said, “someone willing to pay me”, we need to talk 🙂

After 12 years of freelancing, and eight years of recruiting copywriters for all kinds of companies, I’ve learned (all too well) what to look for – and what to avoid – in a potential client.

I’m laying it all out for you today in hopes that you can avoid some of the nasty (and often unnecessary) scars I wear on my soul. 

Better pay with better clients is a CHOICE. 

If you’ve got the goods, you deserve to get paid well for working with clients you love.

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #276 – Coffee with Kev: What is a “dream client”?


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