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A proven plan that made it easy to launch a freelance career from scratch.

Getting started and landing those first clients is the hardest part. Escape Velocity helps you stop “winging it” and take the guess-work out of freelancing.

It’s a step-by-step training program on how to kickstart a freelance career, attract quality clients, and confidently deliver great work.

Escape Velocity Helps Beginner Freelancers With…

  • Choosing and developing your copywriting “money skills”– the most in-demand copy skills that clients are hiring for right now
  • Identifying your ‘Unique Copywriting DNA’ so you can find clients that are the best fit for your specific skill set, background, and experience level
  • Finding clients who need your specific money skills and value your work
  • ​Generating a constant flow of qualified new leads
  • ​Competitively price your services so you always get paid
    well for your work​
  • Selling yourself as a professional copywriter so that clients
    see you as a valued expert
  • ​Designing and structuring your packages and contracts
  • ​Writing and pitch a winning proposal
  • ​Mastering the sales call and close the deal

PHASE 4-5 

Uncover your true specialty and become a sought-after expert in your industry.

Real Free Life (RFL) is the perfect opportunity if you’re a mid-level freelancer
ready to start scaling your business. RFL can help you learn how to:

  • Get paid higher rates by better clients who seek you out as the go-to industry expert
  • Grow bigger lists, multiple revenue streams, and have complete control over your income
  • Have clients coming to YOU instead of the other way around
  • Write less and consult more (that sweet “hang up and you’re done” money!)
  • Grow faster because you focus better
  • Constantly be asked to speak on more stages and podcasts
  • ​Have less competition and more opportunities coming your way
  • ​Have the freedom to call the shots in your career – choosing who you work with, how you structure your deals, and how much you get paid for the work you do.

The Freelancer’s Journey Accelerator

PHASE 1-7 Accelerator

Get help achieving specific goals and overcoming your unique challenges in this intimate all-access mastermind program.

Accelerator “fills in the gaps” between coaching programs – giving you unlimited access to personal coaching, accountability, support, and the tools you need to move all the way through Phase 0 – Phase 6 of The Freelancer’s Journey, including:
  • The Escape Velocity (EV) training modules
  • The Real Free Life (RFL) training modules
  • Access to both the RFL and EV private coaching forums
  • 2x / mo small group mastermind “Accelerator Calls” with
    Kevin Rogers
  • As-needed access to monthly “office hours” calls with
    your co-coaches to support you in between group calls.
  • Access to the private Accelerator Mastermind forum where
    you personal co-coaches and fellow Accelerator members
    will help you work through tough challenges daily
  • Access to the Copy Chief Training Dashboard
  • Access to the Copy Chief Community forums
  • Special “members only” perks and bonuses


Partner with Kevin Rogers to bring your offer
to the big leagues

Copy Chief’s Incubator is an invite-only partnership program for members
who have already completed at least one of our signature coaching programs:
Escape Velocity, Real Free Life, or Accelerator. By joining Incubator you will:

  • Partner with Kevin to create and market your offer
  • Reach a broader audience by leveraging Kevin’s extensive network
  • Get personal coaching from Kevin as you scale your business
  • Tap into Kevin’s expertise as a comedian, coach, and copywriter
  • Create an evergreen product that builds your biz for you

Incubator is by invitation-only for select members of
our coaching programs.

The first step to joining Incubator is to become a member of our Accelerator mastermind program.

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