What If You Had A Proven System To Get Better Clients, At Higher Rates, And A Steady Flow of Leads Coming To YOU Instead Of The Other Way Around?

It’s Time To Uncover Your True Specialty and Become A Sought-After Expert In Your Industry


Ready to get serious about your freelance career? Watch this quick video about Real Free Life

Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Freelancers Are Flooded With Leads, Get Paid Higher Rates, and Earn MORE While Working Less Hours…

… While Others Struggle With Low Pay, Lousy Clients, and Constant Imposter Syndrome?

Right now, hundreds of businesses are moving online and hiring remote freelancers. That means there’s more opportunity for freelance copywriters than ever before.

If you look closely, the freelancers who are flourishing all have one thing in common – a true specialty that’s based on their unique Copywriting DNA and makes them an expert in their industry.

There’s never been a more important time to become known as a specialist in our fields than right now.

Yet, many freelancers are still afraid of specializing because they worry it will limit their options…

But after a decade of training freelancers, I can tell you with complete confidence that the opposite is true.

When people ask me to recommend a copywriter to them, which is almost daily, they’ve never once said…

“Kev, who would you recommend to write me some super basic copy? Ya know, just something to fill the white space on a web page. One step above lorem ipsum is all I need. Got anyone like that?”

You know why? Because they don’t need me to recommend that person, there are entire job sites full of people who’ll do it for a fiver 🙂

What they DO ask me for is a copywriter “who specializes in things like…

Facebook ad copy… email sales sequences… storytelling… webinar scripts… cold traffic funnels… YouTube scripts… dialogue driven copy… humor writing…”

And when they do, I instinctively scroll through my mental Rolodex and come up with two or three names on the spot.

Those kinds of connections are far more likely to turn into paid gigs because…

… when a client is looking for a specialist, it means they know exactly what they need, why they need it, and what that skill is worth to their business.

For the specialist freelancer, there’s none of the B.S. involved with chasing prospects down or having to work to close the deal. Clients are excited to meet you and ready to get going.

And in every case I see, specialist freelancers have it far better than generalists. That’s because when you specialize the right way, you…

But what most expert specialists won’t tell you,
is that “picking a niche” isn’t enough

You’ve got to be widely known as the “go to” specialist in your market.

For one thing, you’ve got to find your true specialty based on your unique Copywriting DNA – a careful balance of your passion and ideal lifestyle that builds upon all the previous work, experience, and accomplishments you’ve already achieved in life.

And once you’ve found your true specialty, you can’t just hope that the right people will find you.

If you want to command higher rates, work on projects you’re passionate about, become a respected authority in your niche, and have complete control over your income and career…

Only then will potential clients, partners, and referrals seek YOU out, instead of the other way around.

The challenge is, these days it seems like everyone and their dog is spouting promises that they’ll help you specialize and get better clients – simply because you join their high-ticket mastermind.

But most of these programs just spit out carbon-copies of the coach and graduates end up looking much the same.

The problem is, when you’re entering highly competitive markets (where true careers are really launched), being too similar to “all the other specialists” is no better than being a generalist in the first place!

After all, if you listen to the intro of any guest on a podcast. You will never hear the host say…

“I’m very excited about today’s guest, she’s a run-of-the-mill generalist in the field of…”

Besides, many of these programs don’t teach the skills needed to truly build a freelance business that gives you complete control over your income and how you work.

Even if you join a decent mastermind to get leads, building a true “freedom business” requires “learning to fish” for yourself.

Only then can you thrive when the hand-fed leads dry up.

This means getting the right people to seek YOU out because you’re widely known as the go-to expert.

And the fastest way to do that is to uncover your true speciality.

The one that’s centered around what you love and are confident in. The one that’s completely supported by your unique Copywriting DNA that makes you the best YOU. The one that helps you stand out from everyone else out there.

Only then will it feel natural to build your authority, and confidently OWN it.

After spending 10 years as a freelance copywriter, I’ve made every mistake on the way to success.

I wanted to help other freelancers avoid making those same painful mistakes, so I created a proven system for finding and using your true specialty. Now my system has helped thousands of freelancers become the go-to specialist in their field.

It’s a step-by-step playbook that shows you how to:

When You Go Beyond “Choosing a Niche” and
Truly Specialize, the Big Wins Come Easy

With the overwhelming abundance of clients looking to hire freelancers right now…

If you’re not feeling the twist of joy from being a copywriter in today’s world – it’s time to fix this.

Because there’s more opportunities than ever before, and if you’re feeling scared and disempowered, it’s probably because you’re not a true specialist.

Now is the time to say “no more” and find your true specialty so you feel empowered to take complete control of your income and your business.

For example, this is my Real Free Life Supergroup – my high-level personal training mastermind made up of a tight-knit group of 6-10 superstar freelancers who I give my personal attention to:


Watch the short clip above
Pay close attention to how they introduce themselves

You’ll see that each and every one of their specialities is clearly defined, and they have complete confidence in their expertise.

If you don’t feel this confident in your skills, your authority, and your speciality…

If high-quality clients aren’t seeking you out and happily pay you great rates for your expertise…

I can help you fix that.

If you don’t already know me, I’m Kevin Rogers…

I've been a freelance copywriter for ten years, and I'm sure I've made every mistake possible when it comes to attracting, landing and delivering projects for clients.

I'm happy to report that, despite all my mistakes, I've been able to grow a 7-figure income freelancing, build a solid reputation in the industry, and create fantastic partnerships (and many lasting friendships) in the process.

For the past 3 years, I’ve been quietly training a select group of freelance copywriters on how to uncover their true specialty, become sought-out, respected experts in their industry, and capitalize on that authority to build their dream business.

In this training program, I show my students how to:

Attract high-quality clients, who pay what you’re worth… and never take advantage of your “niceness”, strong work ethic, or habit of accidentally undercharging.
Take charge of client negotiations and prospect calls…“adult in the room” conversations that would make John Carlton proud.
Quickly become a recognized authority in your niche, without waiting for permission from someone smarter, wiser, older, or more expensive.
Create a marketing plan and lead-flow strategy that works for you, so you can have a full roster of clients eager to pay high prices and stop living “gig to gig” on a wing and a prayer.
Discover your true specialty that gets you noticed, remembered, booked, and paid… FAST.
Get “Live Mic Ready” so that you shine confidently in every opportunity to deliver value and raise your authority on podcasts, webinars, even live stages.
Protect yourself from being “taken advantage of”: fees, deadlines, and that nasty, insidious Scope Creep. (If you’ve ever had a job that mushroomed out of control, you know what I’m talking about.)
Design your work around your lifestyle, NOT the other way around. (If you’re asking, “What lifestyle? All I do is work,” you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever.)
Let me tell you, training these freelancers has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my 20-year-long career in marketing.

It’s clear to see why. Just look at these guys!
"Thanks to RFL I quickly went from “just another copywriter” to specialist. I’m so sought out for my specialty I barely even write copy anymore unless I want to, or it’s for my own offers and products. Clients hire me to consult with them in their business, and I get to put all my copy skills to use to grow my own offers."
- Mike Rinard
Facebook Ad and StoryMapping Specialist
"Before RFL I was fumbling in the dark and didn’t know how to find good clients, but RFL created that stability and consistency in my income.. With Kevin’s training, I hit my income goal right away, and it hasn’t dropped since. Now I make $10k /month consistently and have stuff coming down the line that will consistently increase my monthly income. I use my freelance skills to provide for my wife and family and I still have the freedom to do what I want."
-Jeff Kimes
Health and Lifestyle Business Copywriter

When You Finally Have A Plan You Can Trust... Confidence In Your Skills And Momentum In Your Business Comes Naturally

With many of the working freelancers I coach, the essentials for great success are already in place.

They’re great at performing their ‘money-skill’, and they’re savvy thinkers inspired to do great things…

But what they lack is validation, confidence and a set of specific action steps to get them the clients, the money, the work, and the reputation they deserve.

The success they seek is so close! It’s just right there. All they need to do is reach out and grab it.

But it turns out…

The skills that make you a great copywriter, are NOT the same skills that make you a successful business person.

And to make it more complicated: Freelancing is not your typical business. It has its own set of quirks and frustrations.

You can’t use just any ol’ business strategy to build and grow your freelancing business. It just won’t work!

One day, I got tired of watching good writers wash out, burn out, stay broke, and get taken advantage of.

In Real Free Life (RFL), I help freelancers uncover their true speciality, learn how to truly OWN it, and build authority to become a respected, sought-out expert in their industry. 

RFL gives you the confidence to say “no more” to bad clients, low pay, and crippling imposter syndrome.

Not only do we build the skills needed to take your business to a higher level…

We also focus on getting rid of the head trash and bad habits that are holding you back. That way we can create a clear picture of what your business should look like, and a plan to make it happen.

And praise for the Real Free Life course is always through the roof…

Carolyn Ananian
"I was tired of feeling like I was on a hamster wheel to pay bills. RFL gave me the structure, training, and accountability I needed to grow my business. Everything from how to find the right clients (and talk to them) to writing contracts that cover your ass. The results? No more hamster wheel. Instead, I have sophisticated clients who respect my expertise and don't question my prices. I have advisors I can go to for help any time. I also get great job referrals, so no more worrying about quality control for clients. I got so much value out of RFL that I actually did the program 2 times!"
- Carolyn Ananian
Direct Response Copywriter for Money Map Press

Am I bragging? Indeed I am.

I couldn’t be prouder of everything my students have accomplished.

Yes, I created the action plan, the proven tactics, and the rock-solid advice…

… but these guys took action.

They trusted the system.
They implemented.
And they celebrated the heck out of each other, along the way.

They deserve every bit of success they’ve achieved.

Learn The 4 Key Steps To Building True Authority So You’re Sought Out By Great Clients, Leads, and Referrals

Real Free Life (RFL) is a 4-part business-building training program for freelance copywriters who want to get paid what they’re worth, doing great work, for great clients.

In this program we walk you through the 4 key steps needed to find your true specialty, become a sought-out expert in your industry, and capitalize on the opportunities coming your way.

Step #1 – Visualize:

In Phase 1 of RFL you’ll get crystal clear on what it is you truly want from freelancing. You’ll learn how to identify and attract your best prospect (and repel pain-in-the-ass clients and tire kickers).

You’ll define your dream business, and design it to fit around your ideal lifestyle. Once we’ve got that clarity, we’ll work together to build a plan that brings it to life.

Step #2 – Specialize:

In Phase 2, you’ll uncover your true specialty based on your Unique Copywriting DNA and discover the value of your unique talents. You’ll learn how to determine your prices based on what YOU want to earn, and frame the value of your service so price is never your prospect’s first concern.

Step #3: Legitimize:

In Phase 3 of RFL, you’ll learn how to set yourself up for success – Embracing the frameworks that protect you from underselling yourself or getting taken advantage of.

Step #4: Capitalize:

In Phase 4, you’ll learn how to take control over your income and your workflow – commanding higher rates, from better clients, and structuring deals that support your ideal business.

You’ll get paid more for what you love doing, and create multiple income streams that suit your ideal lifestyle.

Throughout the entire program, you’ll be building relationships with your co-coaches and “battle buddies” – Developing a network of supportive colleagues, and recognizing that you do not have to do it alone.

The Freelancer’s Journey

By the end of the 4-part training program, you’ll have everything you need to walk through those 4 key steps and quickly progress through Phases 3 and 4 of The Freelancer’s Journey.

Just like...

Sam Woods, who used RFL to take his business to a higher level.

“Joining RFL is one of the best things you can do for your career as a copywriter. Before I joined RFL I felt “stuck” in my business. Finding my specialty is what drives most new business coming my way. RFL exposed flaws that I’ve now fixed in my business, and helped me attract the RIGHT kind of clients. In fact, I now easily say “no” to prospects that don’t fit my specialty because I have a lot more confidence and authority in my strengths. Plus, the relationships you form in the group – there’s no better place to be as a copywriter. Do what Kevin tells you to do and you WILL succeed.”
-Sam Woods

Rachael Kraft, who found her true specialty and positioned herself as a Lead Magnet consultant.

“Before RFL I didn’t know the long-term path for my business. RFL helped me marry together what I love, and what I’m good at. I found my REAL specialty to create my own products and my own voice, and spend less time while earning the same amount of income. Now I have confidence, a clear path, and I know exactly where my business is going. I had my best month ever after RFL, and still mastermind with the group monthly to build up each other’s businesses.”
-Rachael Kraft

Nicole Piper, who took 29 years of experience in an unrelated field, and transformed herself into a branding expert.

“I learned how to use my professional experience to give me a unique position as a copywriter. And here I thought I’d have to market myself as a fledgling newbie! Instead, Kevin helped me see how my prior experience could help me stand out. I got my first paid writing assignment, and have been going non-stop ever since. It helped me transition from being a student of copywriting to becoming a professional copywriter faster than I thought possible.”
-Nicole Piper

How Does RFL Work?

Over 4 in-depth modules, we'll move through the 4 key steps needed to move through Phase 3 and Phase 4 of The Freelancer’s Journey.

You'll also have homework assignments that help you build real, income-generating assets in your business.

Throughout the entire 4 modules, you'll get personal help and coaching from our RFL graduates, Community Ambassadors, and other freelancers like yourself – all in the private RFL coaching club.

Using the training lessons, tactical homework assignments, and extra community support – You'll learn exactly how to build your authority, safely raise your rates, attract better clients, and build a freelance business that you can be proud of.

PLUS - as a special bonus – you'll also get access to 4 "insider secrets" videos where you can watch over my shoulder as I coach freelancers like you through their toughest challenges...

AND a brand new RFL Workbook. We’ve assembled each of the weekly assignments and turned them into “open and go” worksheets you can complete and turn in all in one shot.

This workbook not only helps you keep all your assignments organized, it serves as your ongoing Playbook for checking in with your business once a quarter. If something is off, there’s a good chance you need to revisit one of the foundational lessons, and put the phone scripts or marketing frameworks into action.

On top of all these training and resources, you'll also get an all-access pass to the entire Copy Chief Community and Training Dashboard for a full 30 days!

In addition to getting full access to the Real Free Life curriculum, you’ll also get…


A 30 Day All-Access Pass to Copy Chief… for FREE!!!

This is where things get really exciting.

As you’re going through Email Copy Academy, you’ll be granted access to Copy Chief for the next month.

You can go through ALL the trainings, engage in the community to make new contacts and friends… and even scoop up some gigs from the Copy Chief job board (in my opinion, it’s copywriting industry’s most valuable job board with the BEST clients around).

And if that wasn’t enough…

You’ll also gain access to a special Email Copy Academy forum inside of Copy Chief. You’ll be able to interact with other members of the program… and also with myself and my two co-coaches as you go through the program. Crazy, right?


Bonus "insider secrets" videos

As a special bonus – you’ll also get access to 4 “insider secrets” videos where you can watch over my shoulder as I coach freelancers like you through their toughest challenges…

This is not available anywhere else so make sure you dive into these special bonus vidoes as soon as you get the chance.


Access to a brand new RFL Workbook

We’ve assembled each of the weekly assignments and turned them into “open and go” worksheets you can complete and turn in all in one shot.

This workbook not only helps you keep all your assignments organized, it serves as your ongoing Playbook for checking in with your business once a quarter.

If something is off, there’s a good chance you need to revisit one of the foundational lessons, and put the phone scripts or marketing frameworks into action.


Access to bonus training resources within the Copy Chief Dashboard

Bonus trainings include:

The Email Copy Academy is kind of like when Neo downloaded Kung Fu into his brain so he could kick ass in The Matrix..... except instead of Neo, you actually learn from a real professional who's been there. And instead of Kung Fu you learn how to turn emails into money. After going through Chris' step-by-step 'email mastery' brain download, I feel like I can kick ass on ANY new campaign – both for clients and my own offers. In fact, I had a hard time giving him feedback because the course answered all of my questions so well! It's so nice being able to walk into a new project and feel confident that I can knock it out of the park.
-Rachel Mazza

My larger community

Copy Chief, is well-known in the industry as THE place to find the best and brightest copywriters. Real Free Life is the next evolution in connecting the best copywriters with business owners who really understand the value of copy for growing their businesses.

As part of RFL, you’ll get FREE access to the full Copy Chief Community for 30 days.

That means you can connect with experienced, successful copywriters who are working in the field on their own businesses and with big clients every single day. You’ll be able to ask them questions, submit your copy for feedback, and even respond to job postings from clients who are looking for a copywriter RIGHT NOW.

RFL is the only freelancer training program designed to give you individualized training that prepares you to launch your career onto a whole new playing field.

Whether you’re just beginning to work with clients, or you feel stuck at your current level, RFL will guide you smoothly skyward.

“I joined RFL because I wanted to quit my job and didn’t want to be another ‘starving freelancer. I had heard “horror stories” from other freelancers -- how they were forced to work for free or deal with clients who didn’t pay. Kevin was a shield from bad clients. Right at the beginning of RFL I learned how to find my ideal clients, and within two months I made way more than my old corporate job.”
- Allison Carpio
Customer Avatar and Split-Testing Specialist

Wanna know what it’s really like going through RFL?

Watch this video to see a recent RFL graduate break it down


“I’ve learned so much about the psychology of being a high-level freelancer throughout this training. Something flipped in my head during RFL. Now I truly believe my work is good enough, that I can charge higher rates, and that I AM the go-to expert at what I do. I can charge what I’m worth, and I know exactly how to proceed in the next few years (even decades) to grow my business.”

- Csaba, RFL graduate

"Ok, Sounds Great - But Will RFL Work For Me?"

You'll see many testimonials on this page from freelancers I've helped.
They've gone from scraping by to dominating their markets.

And they’ve done this by:

1. Becoming a recognized authority in their niche
2. Finally demanding the fees their time and skills are worth.

(Plus, they’ve found a way to balance their work and social lives, so they can enjoy their work and not feel like a slave to it.)

The results come from the small, but deliberate actions they take every day.

It’s a progressive shift away from broken business strategies that keep most freelancers playing small… and replace them with skills that light you up, and keep your business growing for the long haul.

But of course, RFL is NOT right for everyone.

This course was developed for freelancers who need to solve issues like…

Once you get these problems solved, and identify the kind of clients you should be working with and how to attract them… things fall into line nicely.

The work is inspired, the clients are thrilled, your reputation soars, the money’s great and good leads flow like water. It’s the closest thing to freelancing paradise there is.

However, getting to that place (especially when you don’t recognize that you have a say in who you work with) can be treacherous.

A lot of freelancers don’t survive the bushwhacking required to discover paradise. Mostly because they don’t know it exists.

Check out some of my students and how RFL has worked for them in their unique situation... (1)
play-button (1)
Brian McCarthy stopped undercharging and raised his rates (2)
play-button (1)
Abbey Woodcock uncovered her true specialty and quickly became an industry authority

What’s The Investment?

The Enrollment fee for Real Free Life is $2,997

That includes the 4 in-depth training videos, 4 business-building assignments, and 4 “behind the curtain” coaching videos from Kevin – plus the RFL workbook, and 30-days of accountability and coaching in the private RFL “club” to help you through the program.

Plus you’ll get access to the full access to the entire Copy Chief community and Training Dashboard for 30 days.

Now, here’s the thing…

The Real Free Life Program Is Not For Everyone.

In previous sessions, I’ve interviewed more than fifty freelancers to see if they were a good fit for this program. And not everyone got through.

That’s because I hand-pick every member, so I can work with each intimately.

Now, after a handful of intense RFL sessions, and detailed case studies of RFL working better than I even imagined it could…

I’ve decided to scale up the program, while maintaining the connection and intimacy of the group.

(I’m always amazed at how quickly the groups gel and how supportive they are of one another. It’s inspiring and I want to see that continue.)

That means: I am opening up Real Free Life for a small number of students only. Go-getters. People who “get it” and want to take their freelance copywriting business to the next level.

Is that you?

“In RFL, I learned how to build REAL authority. The price almost held me back. But I knew this was the step I needed to level up. So I put it on a credit card and bet on myself. After implementing what I learned in RFL, I had my best month ever. I was able to cut my work hours in half, and significantly upgraded my lifestyle. Now I’m working with some of the biggest names in the business, and also launching my own offers.”
- Angie Colee Copy Chief for Jeff Walker

Kevin's Freelancer Success Guarantee

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience in Real Free Life,
so here’s how my guarantee works.

Within 30 days of the program’s start date, I want you to:

After doing this, if you’re not convinced that Real Free Life is right for you, then simply send an email to support [at] for a full and immediate refund. No hassle, no worries.

Again, I’m only looking to help those who are open and ready to receive it. I believe this is the most fair way for you to test out RFL and make sure it’s a good fit. If you’re willing to do these 4 steps then I know, even if you decide not to stay, you’ll have gotten excellent value and maybe we’ll meet again another time.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to “collect” courses but rarely puts them to use, then I reommend you pass on RFL until you’re ready to commit. This program is designed and dedicated to creating real, actionable value for freelancers who are truly ready to take their freelancing career to a higher level.

I want RFL to be the turning point in your career, just like it’s been for so many other freelancers (as you’ve seen in the stories on this page), so join us when you’re ready and let’s go “all in” together.

You deserve nothing less.

Sound good?

- Bob Conroy, Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

“Using the simple framework Kevin showed us, I immediately doubled my prices. I follow the exact phrasing Kevin taught us in the training to let my clients know about the changes, and there wasn’t a single objection. In fact, they gave me more work. Because of RFL I’m not floating from gig to gig hoping to scratch out rent every month. I have a real freelancing business that is structured around my lifestyle and income goals – a true “real, free life.”

- Amanda Luft, Freelance Copywriter

“Before RFL I was struggling to set up a business where I didn’t have to chase down one-off projects and deal with crappy clients. My understanding of even basic elements of marketing and persuasion became multifaceted and richer during the course of this training. After RFL, I’m confident about charging what I’m worth and being an authority with valuable insight, not just a “writer for hire."

If you don’t buy into yourself, then no one else will.

This is the real deal. A system that’s been proven, tested, and successfully launched profitable careers for thousands of freelancers.

To be clear, the RFL program is not me simply showing you how it’s done. You’ll be putting the lessons into action in real time, so that by the end of it you’re already implementing and seeing the results.

I have seen this program change lives and careers, but here’s the thing…

RFL is not only about marketing your business to attract better leads and prospects. It’s equally about how YOU think of yourself, your skills and positioning your freelance business for steady growth over the long run.

So, if you’re…

RFL will give you the tools and the hands on training to raise your game, raise your prices and raise your authority.

Plus, it will put you into a network of other successful and supportive freelancers who’ve made the transition and are reaping the rewards.

If this feels like a good fit for you, claim your spot by clicking the link below.

Will you become my latest success story? I can’t think of a reason why not.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Kevin Rogers, The Chief

Join The Waitlist

Real Free Life is a 4-part training program. Enter your details below to join the wait list for the next session. You'll be first in line to reserve your spot when enrollment opens again.

"When I joined RFL I didn’t have any samples and I was all over the map. Kevin encouraged me to step into my power and own my authority. He taught me to be more assertive, and to say the biggest number I can in negotiations. The lessons I learned in RFL helped me create a frame where I don’t have to feel “less than” my client. Using what I learned I doubled my income from the previous year, and now am financially independent. Now I have a specialized skill set that I can use to help myself and others for the rest of my life.”
- Melanie Warren, Direct Response copywriter and Coach
"RFL has shown me how to systematically make myself a respected authority within my industry. Kevin has helped me tremendously in so many ways. In particular, his kind yet relentless belief in me that I can and will rise to much higher levels of clientele to serve with my copywriting has been a true eye-opening experience, especially in the way one can achieve that. He has shown me how to take more control of my income, and my happiness! "
- Elin Marie, Freelance Copywriter
Here's what happens next...

Once you complete your order on the next page you will receive an email at the address you use to sign up with. Follow the prompts in that email to log into your private training portal, meet your coaches, and get ready to jump into the trainings.

Check Out What Some RFL Graduates Had To Say
About Their Experience:

“Like most people starting out as a copywriter, I was struggling to get work. I was getting low balled on pricing, had to chase clients for payment, and went through cycles of feast and famine. But I found out that it doesn't have to be that way. You can control how much you work… You can control who you work with… You can control the amount of money you make… Kevin generously shared his years of "in-the-trenches" experience. Now I'm more confident in my value as copywriter, and can charge what I want without blinking an eyelid.”

-Rodney Kwong, Freelance Copywriter

"Kevin showed me what my specialty really was and the best way to make it shine! Weeks ago I wondered what direction my writing career would take and if Real Free Life would help me. Now, I’m a lot more positive about my goal and I know how to achieve it and become an expert in my field. If you’re someone who is ready to accept the challenge and invest their time and money in Kevin and RFL, you’re going to learn, grow and be a success quickly!"

- Julie Leudkte, Health and Wellness Expert

“I've been in all kinds of "professional development" programs, but the exercises Kevin has you go through will prime your business for exponential success. The group is full of badass copywriters, and I felt lucky to have even made the cut to be accepted into the exclusive session. Price is what you pay, value is what you get, and being part of the RFL group has paid dividends in more ways than one.”

- Eric Bakey, Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

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Dean Reveals How He Used RFL Frameworks To FINALLY Get Paid What He’s Worth After Years Of Being Underpaid By Clients (16)
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How Angie Broke Out Of “Cubicle Hell” And Shifted To Full Time Freelancing (17)
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Jeff Uses RFL Frameworks To Get A Constant Flow Of Great Leads And Cherry-Pick Who He Works With (18)
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Cindy Explains How RFL Transformed Her Business And Helped Her Earn $30k In One Month! (19)
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Joshua: “RFL Gave Me Confidence To Work With Engaging Clients And Believe In The Value Of My Services." (20)
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Elin Used RFL To Double Her Income While Building A Network Of Pro Copywriters To Support Her And Watch Her Back (21)
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How Jason Pre-Sells Clients So He Never Needs To “Sell” His Services Again (22)
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How David Used RFL To Take Control Of His Business And His Time (23)
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Matt Explains Why RFL’s One-On-One Coaching Will Shave Years Off Your Business Growth (24)
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RFL Members Break Down Their Biggest Wins During The Program

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