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EP 275: New Breed: Patty Lennon – Receiving What You’re Worth

with Patty Lennon
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EP 275: New Breed: Patty Lennon – Receiving What You’re Worth

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In This Episode

Ever freak out over giving a prospect your price? 

There’s more to it than “nerves”.

It’s likely some deep-rooted societal programming from your childhood. 

Sounds kinda worse than you thought when I put it that way – lol.

But, it’s actually good news, because when you recognize what’s at the root of it, it’s much easier to overcome. 

I met Patty Lennon at a dinner where we were presenting at an event in Boston. 

When she told me about the work she does helping people “receive” good things into their lives, I immediately asked her to be a guest on CCR. 

So many freelancers struggle with pricing their services, and usually, it’s way more emotional than it is logistical. 

So, if that sounds like you, this episode is for YOU – and Patty is amazing at unpacking this and giving great tips on how to move past it. 

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #275 New Breed: Patty Lennon on receiving what you’re worth


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