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EP 274: Freelancer’s Journey: TzeQing (Tania) Yeo – From “trapped” to writing for Grant Cardone

TzeQing (Tania) Yeo
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EP 274: Freelancer’s Journey: TzeQing (Tania) Yeo – From “trapped” to writing for Grant Cardone

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In This Episode

When Tania Yeo was 18 years old she wanted to become a teacher.

She found a company that would pay to send her to school overseas, and place her with a company teaching Art and English Literature. 

“It was a ten-year contract that dictated every step of my life,” she explains in the video.

When you’re eighteen and looking for an opportunity to change your life, you have no idea what will become important to you when you’re twenty-eight. 

It wasn’t long before Tania (Her “American name” for TzeQing) felt trapped in the life she pursued so vigorously as a teenager. 

When she discovered copywriting, she saw a way out.

“When I stumbled on direct-response copywriting, everything I loved came together for me. I could tie together my love for stories and characters… With my often wild and crazy ideas… Through a well-paid form of writing with tangible, measurable results.”

“Freedom” is the number one term the copywriters I coach use to describe their driving force. 

Yet, we all have our own definitions of the word. 

For Tania, the definition of freedom was clear: “… the freedom and independence to set my own schedule, and to travel.”

In today’s episode, Tania and I go deep on her freelancing journey.

  • How Tania went from feeling “trapped” in her contracted teaching job with the government of Singapore to landing a full-time copy position with Grant Cardone…
  • How to show up and stand out with great clients, even when you’re freaking out inside…
  • The #1 way to enter the copy game and get free coaching from the best in the business…

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #274: Freelancer’s Journey: TzeQing (Tania) Yeo – From “trapped” to writing for Grant Cardone


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