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EP 268: Wisdom Tree – Justin Goff’s Millionaire Blueprint

Justin Goff
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EP 268: Wisdom Tree – Justin Goff’s Millionaire Blueprint

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In This Episode

Despite becoming a Direct Response millionaire in his 30s, Justin Goff considers himself a slow learner.

He spent the first few years online pinballing around from “thing to thing” trying to figure out how to make real money. 

His parents were convinced he was throwing away his education.

His friends thought he was delusional. 

His dog gave him questioning looks. 

But he KNEW it was possible.

He trusted his instinct to believe all the examples he saw of other people earning crazy amounts of money weren’t all BS – and he became obsessed with proving his doubters wrong. 

As you know, Justin is now one of the most successful and revered copywriters and marketers in the industry. 

“I have enough money to stay secure for the rest of my life,” he says. “Now, I get to only do the things I want to do.”

Looking back on all the time he spent turning the knob to unlock the big money vault of digital marketing, he realizes there are really only three steps to getting there.

In his killer, free report: The SOS Method, Justin lays out, in just a few pages, the 3 steps he’s coached his friends and clients to use to reach 7-figures and beyond. 

In this episode we dive into the report, plus…

  • Why he sold his interest in Copy Accelerator to his partner, Stefan Georgi
  • The “difference in ideas” they each had for the company that led to the split
  • How he helped a local dog rescue double their annual donations with a few simple emails (and why helping dog rescues are so deep in his heart)
  • The simple barrier to put in front of loan-seeking friends and family
  • The hardest investment he ever made in himself (and why he refused to let his company pay for it)
  • A short list of “non-negotiables” every marketer must do to reach the million-dollar mark

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