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EP 267: CWK: The Truth About Grant Cardone

The Truth About Grant Cardone
Copy Chief Radio

EP 267: CWK: The Truth About Grant Cardone

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In This Episode

Until recently, I never saw myself doing business with Grant Cardone.

On the surface, he wasn’t my cup of tea. 

Now that I’ve had a look behind the curtain, I’m very impressed. 

The guy we’ve seen posting IG Reels on his private jets is one part of him (you don’t achieve a billion in personal net wealth without ruffling some feathers), but it’s the flashy “look at me” social media version. 

The more genuine guy, as I’m learning, is caring, charitable, and yes, very on fire to change people’s lives. 

His back story is fascinating (he started from less than nothing at 25 after kicking a ten-year battle with drug addiction), and his mission to 10X everything is legit. 

It’s a mindset we can all adopt and thrive with using the 3 simple questions Grant uses to dominate any market he enters into. 

In this “Cocktails with Kev” episode (it was evening, after all), I get loose and reveal what I’ve been seeing behind the scenes at GCE. 

Last month, Copy Chief signed a contract to become their sole recruiting hub for building out their new copy teams with their new copy chief, Russ Reynolds. 

In the first few weeks, we’ve already placed multiple copywriters with their organizations, where they now have the opportunity of a lifetime to grow inside the mightiest marketing machine in the industry. 

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #267 – Cocktails with Kev: The Truth About Grant Cardone


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