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EP 266: Freelancer’s Journey: Daniel Throssell – World’s Most Disruptive Email Copywriter

Daniel Throssell
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EP 266: Freelancer’s Journey: Daniel Throssell – World’s Most Disruptive Email Copywriter

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In This Episode

“One girl wrote to me angry that I’d ruined her birthday because she spent hours ignoring her boyfriend while reading my emails.”

That’s just one of the extreme replies Daniel Throssell has received from readers of his daily emails (get them at

His writing is fresh, occasionally angry, and consistently laugh-out-loud funny. 

His “idiot takedowns” are up there with Chris Orzechowski in their viciousness (“we have a bit of a friendly rivalry around them”) and his storytelling is as addicting as a reality show full of catfighting housewives, building characters around family members, neighbors, and competitors.

In this episode, we discuss his creative process, how he manages to compile tricky story elements without confusing the reader, and his “mean Daniel” alter-ego that flares up when someone dares to wrong him.

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #266 Freelancer’s Journey: Daniel Throssell – World’s Most Disruptive Email Copywriter

  • [3:33] TWO master copywriters Ramit Sethi told Daniel to study when he was starting out.  After taking this advice, Daniel was soon charging clients $200/hr for his services…

  • [4:32] The ultimate method for developing a unique brand voice.  How Daniel’s approach to personality-driven copy gave him one of the most distinctive writing styles in the game…

  • [6:52] When to write your daily email for maximum creativity.  The time of day MATTERS — and Daniel pays close attention to the clock…

  • [08:15] Being 100% “authentic” is always the best way to build rapport with your audience, right? Wrong! Daniel reveals why some fiction in your emails can be more profitable than the truth…

  • [09:50] Low open rates? Low engagement? High unsubscribes? You might be falling into THIS common email marketing trap (HINT: It’s something your readers will commonly ask you to do!)

  • [13:48] The fastest way to KILL attention when telling stories in your emails. You’ll keep readers hanging on to your every word if you avoid making this mistake…

  • [18:30] How to create raving “Superfans” in as little as 2 hours.  Daniel’s unusual method isn’t suitable for everyone — but it can convert cold leads into “white whale” customers in record time…

  • [26:28] The one type of email almost GUARANTEED to generate sky-high engagement.  This can bring you an avalanche of enthusiastic replies and profitable clicks — if used sparingly…

  • [27:02] What caused Daniel and email legend Chris Orzechowski to become fierce rivals.  It has NOTHING to do with competing for market share — but everything to do with email supremacy…

  • [29:44] The truth about Daniel’s infamous, fiery alter-ego.  The real reason why he chooses to ditch his natural shyness and controversially wage war on his enemies…

* These killer bullets were written by Cain Smith, who won our Bullet The Podcast competition inside Copy Chief. You can reach Cain at 

You can watch Daniel and I critique all the bullets submitted and go deep on “what makes a great bullet” right here on the Facebook Page


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