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EP 263: Wisdom Tree: Rob Dube on the 10 Disciplines for optimal living

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EP 263: Wisdom Tree: Rob Dube on the 10 Disciplines for optimal living

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In This Episode

This funny thing happens with high achievers (like you?)…

As we’re transforming into the best versions of ourselves, we soak up tons of inspiration from self-development gurus (for me it was Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, etc.)…

Then, once we arrive at success, we tend to stop looking for new wisdom and inspiration. 

Because we’re either too busy, or suffering from information overload, or whatever.

But the need is still there. 

That’s why I like what my guest Rob Dube (DOO-Bay) is doing with his “10 Disciplines” program that he developed with Gino Wickman (Traction, Rocket Fuel)…

The disciplines themselves are super simple to grasp, but take work, and yeah, discipline, to incorporate into your life.  

The best advice always sounds “too simple,” as Rob says in the interview. But it starts with awareness, and once you have that, the results can be immediate.

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #263 Wisdom Tree: Rob Dube on the 10 Disciplines For Optimal Living


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