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EP 264: New Breed: AJ Harper on How To Write A Must-Read

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EP 264: New Breed: AJ Harper on How To Write A Must-Read

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In This Episode

I met AJ Harper in the office of best-selling author Mike Michalowicz (
Profit First, Clockwork).

He introduced her as his writing collaborator – essentially the person who wrote the words I’d been reading intently under his name for years. 

By the end of the first day of Mike’s workshop, I saw exactly how their unique relationship worked. They are two brilliant people who were better together.  

The John to one another’s Paul, if you will. 

Yet it was clear which one was behind the BOOKS – nine in all that had gone on to sell millions of copies and dominate best-sellers lists. 

AJ spent ten grueling years ghostwriting for authors, over 500 of them, before she finally burned out from the mountainous word count and neverending deadlines.

She and Michalowicz met and began collaborating at just the right time to bring sanity to each other’s lives and add fuel to each other’s fire.

Now, finally, AJ has released her own book, How To Write A Must-Read which reveals, in a personable and compelling style, the same process she teaches in her twenty-thousand dollar private workshop.  

Whether you’ve been dying to figure out how to get YOUR book out of your head and onto the page, or you’re a freelancer who wants to be a better writer for yourself and your clients, “Must-Read” is a must-own. 

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