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EP 285: New Breed: The Art of Anticipation Marketing

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EP 285: New Breed: The Art of Anticipation Marketing

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In This Episode

One of the most challenging elements of launching a product is getting your audience EXCITED for it. 

Why do people line up for the new iPhone release?

How did Taylor Swift “break the internet” in pre-sale for her latest tour?

Sure, they both have massive legions of raving fans, but there’s more to it than that. 

It’s all about building Anticipation. 

And the same tactics that work on mass scale, work just as well for small, niche launches. 

Brenna McGowan has evolved her industry-leading “pre-launch” strategies into big-picture Anticipation Marketing™ frameworks that I predict will become a mainstay of digital information marketing very soon. 

Get ahead of the trend and claim your space in today’s interview with Brenna. 

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #285 New Breed: The Art of Anticipation Marketing with Brenna McGowan


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