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EP 284: Wisdom Tree: Henry Bingaman “The threat of the cage”

Henry Bingaman
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EP 284: Wisdom Tree: Henry Bingaman “The threat of the cage”

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In This Episode

Henry Bingaman operated at the highest possible levels of direct response copywriting for nearly 20 years…

Working alongside Jedd Canty (one the greatest innovators in the industry) and Mike Ward at Money Map Press, he consistently produced the highest converting “winners” in the toughest game there – financial copywriting.

If you’re ever wondering what qualifies someone as a mysterious “A-list” copywriter – that’s Henry.

So, the entire copywriting community was shocked when he up and walked away from it all back in 2020.

“I was essentially making rich people richer, and while I don’t feel guilty about that, I felt like there was something far more meaningful I could be doing with my life.”

So, he took the money he’d earned (and continues to earn in royalties) as a copywriter, bought a large piece of land in remote Pennsylvania, and got to work on something “more meaningful.”

The result is a new podcast called Practical Liberty (link) and an upcoming course where he teaches the Four Cornerstones of Liberty sharing what he believes are the essentials of independent living. 

On today’s episode, Henry and I discuss…

  • What led to the moment he decided to walk away from copywriting…
  • The biggest pain points, and victories, in starting his own business…  
  • The simple philosophy behind Libertarianism…
  • Simple ways to live with more freedom and security right now…
  • And, why he’s giving away one of his most coveted copy trainings…

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #284 Wisdom Tree: Henry Bingaman – “The threat of the cage”


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