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EP 278: CWK: My bizarre path to copywriting

My bizarre path to copywriting
Copy Chief Radio

EP 278: CWK: My bizarre path to copywriting

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In This Episode

I started doing stand-up when I was 18 and was on the road full-time by the age of 20, so aside from a few short-lived stints washing dishes and detailing cars, when I left comedy and needed work, I had NOTHING to put on a resume.

And no amount of creative resume fluffing after a decade of telling jokes in hotel lounges makes you look qualified to do anything like a real job in the real world.

Today I’m telling the bizarre tale of how I went from “no resume” jobs to a well-fed freelance copywriter, and what I’ve learned about what you will need to do the same.

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #278 – Coffee with Kev: My bizarre path to copywriting


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