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EP 290: New Breed: Ben McLellan on “Wowing” Your Clients

Ben McLellan - CCR
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EP 290: New Breed: Ben McLellan on “Wowing” Your Clients

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In This Episode

Here’s something it took me far too long to figure out as a freelancer…

How to “wow” my clients through the whole project?

As copywriters, we work on different schedules than most people, and it’s easy to get lost in our creative bubbles.

Little things we can do for our clients, like sending progress updates, and following up after the project ends, make a massive difference in the relationship. 

Today, I’m talking to Ben McLellan, co-author of the book, Customer Success Manifesto (Free download for CCR listeners here!) about how to make your clients swoon with delight over working with you.

All the little touches lead to more projects, referrals, and higher fees.

Infusing these things into your process now will save you the heartache of learning it the hard way like I did. 

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #290 New Breed: Ben McLellan on Wowing Your Clients


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