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EP 288: Coffee with Kev: Copy with MEANING (Titan’s talk 2023)

Copy with MEANING
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EP 288: Coffee with Kev: Copy with MEANING (Titan’s talk 2023)

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In This Episode

The only way writers and creatives like us will stay ahead of AI is to create things with MEANING. 

Today I’m sharing a talk I gave a couple of weeks ago at Brian Kurtz’s Titans Mastermind. 

The room of about 50 people was packed with heavy hitters, like Jay Abraham, Joe Polish, Ken McCarthy, Jim Kwik, Kim Krause Schwalm, Perry Marshall, David Deutsch, Kelly Brown, Michael Ford, etc.

I had to follow my friend, Sam Woods, the preeminent expert of writing copy with artificial intelligence. 

He blew every mind in the room with what he shared. And now it was time for the former stand-up comic to find some levity and bring things back down to earth. 

You’ll hear…

  • How not to use a bidet…
  • Why stories are marketer’s secret weapon against AI…
  • How to create a visceral response with your copy…
  • The strangest thing anyone’s said to me in a men’s room (it was Jay Abraham’s son!)…
  • How I got Jim Kwik to start sharing his story about being the “boy with the broken brain”…

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #288 – Coffee With Kev: Copy with MEANING (Titan’s talk 2023)


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