Don’t tell

“Wait… is that an actual suggestion, or is this some sort of metaphor?” My brain wasn’t comprehending what my therapist, Nick, was telling me. 

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Total humiliation

Get this… It’s Thursday of last week.  I have, essentially ONE thing on my calendar:  “Podcast Recording – Marie Forleo 4:30” You should know…

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Worst “yes” ever

After a stand-up show in downtown Chicago one night…  A clean cut, middle-aged guy came rushing over to a long-haired, 22-year old me, pumped

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Trusting your instincts

There was a moment sitting in my therapist’s office when things “clicked.”  Where I suddenly understood what motivates me – intrinsically. And why the

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A good “no”

“I’d love to hire you, but I just can’t afford your price.” “I’d love to work with you, but I just can’t wait for

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Your writing bubble

One of the greatest challenges for freelancers is creating “the bubble.” The impenetrable little cocoon of sanctity where you do your thinking, your writing,

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