The ONE sales hook that has never failed

My son Ben did something really ignorant last week…

… and I’m so proud of him for it.

He’s going to a new school next year – a start-up school – and all the students are pitching in to help design the classrooms and paint the walls, etc.

It’s a beautiful thing to see. Imagine, kids actually having pride of ownership in their education experience.

So, my son is 12 and lately he’s become very bold when it comes to speaking with adults.

Not in a rude way, but he certainly isn’t shy.

For instance, if there’s dinner reservations to be made, he wants to be the one to make the call.

It’s hilarious to hear him try to sound all “official” with his cracking preteen voice…

“Yes, hello… I’d like to make a res-ERVA-sion for ten people tonight at se-VEN.”

I’m sure the hostess thinks she’s being pranked until we actually show up, and he’s the first one to announce that we’ve arrived for “our se-VEN p.m.”.

So, the new school needs furniture.

Ben decides he’s got this.

He walks straight into Restoration Hardware (a high-end furniture store) and asks to see the manager.

He figures the best way to get something is to ask, right?

And hey, this store has a bunch of furniture lying around, so surely they’d want to donate some of it to this awesome new school.

The polished woman at the front of the store explained to Ben that the manager is “in a meeting.”

“OK. Do you know how about long he’ll be in there? I can wait while my mom shops in the mall.”

“Oh, sorry, he’s in an all day staff meeting.”

“Hmmm. Well, can I get a card then?”

Undaunted, Ben proceeds to email the manager of Restoration Hardware.

This is the part where as a parent I was super proud of his intent and his boldness to go after what he wanted.

But, as a copy chief, I was cringing to read his pitch.

I don’t have it handy, but it basically said:

“Hi, my school is new and needs furniture. Would you like to donate a couch and maybe some chairs? We’d really appreciate it. – Ben”

The ONE Hook that has never failed

Now, you and I know what’s missing there, but this was a great opportunity to explain to my son that there is only ONE thing you can count on people to care about in this world…

… themselves.

It’s the one hook that’s never failed.

Now, if you’ve paid any attention to the simple rules of effective communication and persuasion, you already know that you want to have a lot more “you’s” in your messages than “I’s”.

There are even web apps you can load your copy into to check your “/You/I ratio.”

Yet, simply dropping in the word “you” into your message a bunch of times isn’t enough.

Times have changed

These days people expect you to talk to them SPECIFICALLY.

Meaning, it’s not enough to have someone subscribe to your marketing and then receive same message as everyone else.

Think about it…

What are the chances of hundreds or thousands of people all responding just as strongly to the same exact message?

Sure, it can happen, but you’ve got to reach millions of people to pull it off.

What’s proven to work so much better is to segment and customize.

So, instead of sending out the same exact message to millions of people to find the 1% that will respond…

You simply segment your subscribers by their SPECIFIC interest, desire, or level of awareness…

… and then customize the messages you send them.

Now, I realize that may sound like a lot of work.

And it can be, if you go about it wrong.

However, there’s a way to make that work much easier (I’ll be sharing more about that over the next few emails)…

… AND the result of converting sales in the double digits, compared to a measly 1% make the reward worth ten times the effort.

There is no turning back now…

I can tell you that segmentation and customization marketing is here to stay.

The model has been proven, and the results are staggering…

Like, going from 20% conversion to 70% conversion on opt-in pages.

A few hundred leads per month to 19,000 leads per DAY, and…

And $12,788/month to $117,604 every MONTH simply by making one simple little change to your landing page.

So, do this…

Picture the last ten years of marketing as a timeline… all the single dimensional, “one size fits all” messaging we’ve been using is behind you…

… and see a giant red line painted right there on today – July 2016 – when all marketing switched from 1-D to 3-D overnight.

It’s as stark a comparison as when TV went form black & white to color.

And, I can tell you first hand…

The early adopters are going to prevail and gain a massive head start.

This is so startling that after seeing it up close and from all 3 sides last month, I painted my own red line through the 2016 and reset my plans for the year.

Yes, you can implement the change that fast, but you’ll only “get it” when you see it in action.

Would you like to see this in action right now?

I’m going to give you a link to go do it, and here’s what to look for…

After you click the button on the next page that says: “Click here for instant access”

This box will pop up

(Simple segmentation in action)

See that little survey? Those 4 options to choose where you are in your business?

That is simple segmentation in action.

And yes, it is that simple to customize the messages you send your audience so that they feel like you are talking directly to them, rather than trying to talk at a large group of people all at the same time.

That little box is the future of marketing
It represents the most powerful way to use the one hook that never fails.

So, go there now and choose your adventure. Then pay close attention to the messages that come afterward.

Click this link to see it in action<<=====

Each one of them will be speaking directly to your needs and desires.

You may even have moments where you’re thinking, “Wow, it’s like this guy can see inside my brain.”

He can (and you can, too), but that’s a story for later

Oh yeah…

Did my son ever hear back from the manager of Restoration Hardware?

No, of course not. But, he now understands the power of WIIFM (what’s in it for me) and using YOU marketing.

I have a feeling his next pitch will go much smoother.

Go to this page and click that link, enjoy the show, and then stay tuned…

Because next I’m going to show you how all this affects the way you’ll write the most effortless and effective copy of your life.

See you there,


P.S. Skimming, eh? OK, real quick, go look at that image of the opt-in box. It’s the future of marketing (well, that and what follows), so go to this page, click the link and choose the description that sounds the most like you. You’ll love what happens next.


PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”

PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
PLUS: Get fill-in-the-blank templates that instantly establish “Know, Like, and Trust”
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100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email

100% Secure. We Never Share Your Email