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Ep 75: Doberman Dan – Stumbling Into Success

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Ep 75: Doberman Dan – Stumbling Into Success


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In This Episode

Doberman Dan’s never been the kind to follow the rules. He didn’t start his career in marketing but as a cop breaking up domestic disturbances.

Desperate for a change, he launched his first company and handled all the copywriting himself because he couldn’t afford a copywriter…making him a rare marketer with a foundation in business.

Since then, Dan’s founded (and sold) multiple successful companies. Now, he runs his own copywriting consultancy and shares an exclusive newsletter for renegade entrepreneurs at

In today’s episode, we cover a ton including:

  • Hardcore lessons about human psychology
  • How Dan stumbled upon so many amazing career opportunities
  • How to compel an audience with emotions, not facts
  • Dan’s worst business mistakes, and how he still came out on top
  • … and much more

5 “Can’t Miss” Moments

1:30 – “I learned so much from that man, it was insane!” How Dan’s apprenticeship with Gary Halbert still resonates with him decades later … and why you need a mentor willing to teach you lessons when you’re NOT ready for them.

3:30 – “A multi million dollar education for any copywriter.” Dan shares a powerful lesson about dealing with difficult people.

8:15 – The critical weapon you need to bring to every fight or you’ll get your butt kicked. (This advice literally saved Dan’s life and made him millions of dollars.)

10:00 – The eerie similarities between a cop and a copywriter, and how Dan stumbled into careers for both.

25:00 – The boring and unpopular tactic that’s earned Dan more business than he knows what to do with.

What’s the one thing Dan’s done that’s produced the most surprising result?

Dan’s answer is a rollercoaster ride. He explains how he turned a “sure thing” with a guaranteed 400% ROI into an overnight flop … and ended up with a bill from Penthouse magazine for $40,000.

Check out his answer at 27:30.

Show notes written by Carolynn Ananian. You can reach her at


Doberman Dan’s website

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