Ep 93: The Simple LinkedIn “Twist” For Connecting With Your Best Prospects with Irene Scott

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One click nearly cost me $10,000.

That click was to LinkedIn where today’s guest, a LinkedIn optimization expert, saw that I had NO profile there.

Actually, it was worse than that.

“There was just an old picture, and it was quite scary,” Irene Scott told me during the interview.

See, Irene was told by a friend that I would be a great coach for where she is in her freelancing career. So, she did the first thing she always does when she hears she should find out more about someone…

… she typed my name into LinkedIn.

I always thought it was for those “corporate types”… not rebellious freelancing types like me.

Man, what I didn’t know must have cost me a pile of money. Irene has really opened my eyes to what LinkedIn is really about (she’s super savvy and passionate about LinkedIn), and how any freelancer or biz owner not using it for all it’s worth is as foolish as I was.

Ignoring LinkedIn will cost you money.

So, listen now to find out what you need to know about creating a professional looking profile that pre-sells you to the best prospects. PLUS, how you can create a “list” of 250,000 people who are all one connection away from becoming your new customer.


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