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Ep 152: Michael Hauge – 5 Mistakes of Ordinary Storytellers

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Ep 152: Michael Hauge – 5 Mistakes of Ordinary Storytellers

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In This Episode

What makes the difference between an ordinary story and a powerful story?

(For starters, they don’t make the 5 mistakes in this upcoming episode 🙂

The real answer is Emotion, and knowing which parts of the story to use for the biggest impact on the reader.

Remember, if your readers don’t feel it, they’re going to forget it and they’re going to forget you. Without the experience of a story expert, it’s hard to pick the parts to keep, get rid of, or rewrite for more emotional impact.

So I invited legendary Hollywood story consultant, Michael Hauge, to come for on a new interview.

You’ll learn the 5 mistakes ordinary storytellers make, and how to avoid “skimming the surface” on a good story.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

[09:40] “Ordinary stories are interesting, extraordinary stories are _____” – Discover the ONE key ingredient, guaranteed to transform your stories from mundane to MINDBLOWING

[13:00] WARNING: Making this one common “revelation” mistake will put even the most gripping of stories in grave danger of sending your reader to sleep

[15:35] Why Will Smith broke Michael Hauge’s heart, after refusing to start an argument with the director of the 2017 hit movie, Bright

 The interrogative mining method copywriters can unleash upon their clients to plow past all the surface level gunk, and unearth the REAL story

[22:35] A sneaky way to brag about how amazing you are… WITHOUT coming across as if you’re “too big for your britches” – Best Part: Doing this will actually make people like you MORE

[24:19] The telltale mark of a lazy storyteller – Using this common 6 word phrase in your copy is a sure sign your storytelling skills are in dire need of some serious sharpening (Luckily, Michael’s got the solution)

[28:10] Banishing this “bad hasty storytelling habit” is essential in order to bring your story to life, creating a vivid movie in your reader’s mind

[30:28] This “frontloading” storytelling sin can quickly turn an adrenaline packed tale into a total snoozefest – Make sure you’re not guilty of doing this misdeed in YOUR copy

[32:18] Discover the “negativity secret” of critically acclaimed novelist, Steven James, for ramping up your story’s impact

[38:55] The “Onward Nation Podcast” question, copywriters can use, to practically force their client to spill their guts, reveal their deepest darkest tragedies… and draw out a compelling story that’s sure to pack an emotional punch


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