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Ep 86: Next Level Testimonials Using A Simple Story Technique with Scott McKinstry

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Ep 86: Next Level Testimonials Using A Simple Story Technique with Scott McKinstry

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In This Episode

Imagine you’re thinking about buying something.

You stop by the store, check a few things out, and decide “Ehh, maybe not right now…”

On your way out, you see some testimonials from past customers.

You think, “Huh. I wonder what this is about…”

You see, most people are pros at talking themselves out of buying something.

In that moment, would your testimonials motivate your prospect to turn back around and complete the purchase?

If the answer is anything but YES, then you’ll want to download this latest edition of Copy Chief Radio…

Scott McKinstry reveals a simple story formula you can use to drive up the persuasive power of your testimonials…

Once you know it, you know it for life. It runs in the back of your mind like a well oiled machine.

This isn’t an episode about using strong, proven results to back up your product’s claims…

It’s about framing your testimonial in a way that moves your reader into immediate action.


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