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Ep 82: FB Ads Case Study: 20K To 60K Per Month In 7 Months (Part 2)

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Ep 82: FB Ads Case Study: 20K To 60K Per Month In 7 Months (Part 2)

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In This Episode

Freelancer and Facebook Ad specialist Mike Rinard returns today for the second episode of a two-part series… where we dive deep into the 5 most critical elements of creating sales-boosting FB ads for your business. If you haven’t heard the first part, make sure you catch it here first: FB Ads Case Study (Pt. 1)

In this second interview, Mike reveals how you can beef up the creative side of your Facebook ad campaign. We’re talking attention-grabbing images, compelling copy, and testing tactics that’ll quickly get you hip to effective Facebook marketing. (This is the same process Mike used to triple his fitness client’s revenues from 20k/month to 60k/month… in only 7 months.)

As Mike explains in this second part, before you start thinking about your Facebook Ad copy… you’ve got to hone in on what’ll grab your audience’s attention first.

Reality is, your prospects are NOT on Facebook eager to engage with your ad. They’re in the middle of furious scrolling sessions LOOKING for distractions. So you absolutely must aim for attention over beauty.

“Can’t-Miss” Moments:

  • Mike’s simple “image contrast” trick that’ll fix more eyeballs on your Facebook ad… and it’s completely counter-intuitive to how you’d usually select images for your campaign.
  • Still using “stock photos” for your Fb ads? (Why this is likely killing your engagement with your audience.. and what Mike Advises you focus on instead to quickly boost your Facebook lead flow.)
  • The smallest number of Facebook ad impressions you’ve gotta aim for before you even think about reviewing results… and why 24 hours is nowhere near enough time for your ad to bring you results.


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