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Ep 81: FB Ads Case Study: 20K to 60K Per Month In 7 Months with Mike Rinard

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Ep 81: FB Ads Case Study: 20K to 60K Per Month In 7 Months with Mike Rinard

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In This Episode

There’s no question about it, FB ads are now a big needle mover for your business. In fact, you can even double and triple your leads with one successful FB ad campaign in just a few months.

Problem is, it’s easy to burn your budget… and find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed with the whole thing. (“User-friendly” isn’t exactly the word describing Facebook’s Ad Manager.)

So, how do you quickly get hip to the sales-boosting power of Facebook advertising… without falling prey to the most common budget-killing traps?

Freelancer and Facebook Ad specialist Mike Rinard returns to the show. Mike helps clients multiply sales using the lead generating power of Facebook advertising.

In this special two-part series, Mike reveals the critical 5-step process to creating a money-making FB ad campaign. (The same process he used to triple his fitness client’s revenues from 20K/ month to 60K/month… in only 7 months.)

As Mike explains in this first interview, before you even start running your FB ads, you’ve got to realize you’re buying data in the beginning…

… and when you think of your initial investment as crucial research

fueling your campaign, you’ll pave the way to much bigger revenues a few months down the road.

“Can’t-Miss” Moments:

  • The counter-intuitive “results later” mindset critical to your success in Facebook advertising… and why you’re likely burning your budget shooting straight for profit.
  • The ONE thing you absolutely must nail before starting your FB ad campaign… and it’s got nothing to do with your copy or “creative”. (This is the difference between your budget going up in smoke and doubling or tripling your leads.)
  • Mike: “The most important thing for Facebook is _______.” (And why staying blind to this ruins your ad’s “relevance score”… even if you’ve got a great copy.)


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