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Ep 75: How You Can Use Basic Songwriting Principles To Guarantee Powerful Copy with Addison Rice (Part 2)

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Ep 75: How You Can Use Basic Songwriting Principles To Guarantee Powerful Copy with Addison Rice (Part 2)

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In This Episode

Singer-songwriter and premiere copywriter Addison Rice returns to the show today for the second episode of a two-part series where we go DEEP on how you can use the basics of songwriting to beef up your sales copy.

If you haven’t heard the first part, go back and check it out HERE.

Addison has been writing songs and playing guitar since the age of 15, way before he was a copywriter.

He’s currently writing sales copy for Jesse Elder, so Addison knows a thing or two about applying the fundamentals of music to write persuasive, direct response copy that sells.

In this second part, Addison shows you how to inject sizzlin’ lyrical punch into your copy using the musical fundamentals of tempo and harmony. (You’ll wanna hear Addison riff on an email live on the episode… flipping it from flat to flavorful using his powerful songwriting principles.)

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Addison’s “ultimate future pacing” trick that’ll practically force your prospect to see a brand new, “kickin’ ass n’ takin’ names” version of themselves… all thanks to YOUR offer.
  • How to quickly inject lyrical punch to your emails that’ll hurl your reader on an unforgettable emotional journey. (This is the same principle behind some of your favorite and most addictive songs.)
  • The counter-intuitive “music geek” tactic to forging DEEP connections with your audience… fast—even if you’ve never played an instrument before.


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