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Ep 76: Money-Making Health Headline Strategies with Jason Rutkowski

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Ep 76: Money-Making Health Headline Strategies with Jason Rutkowski

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In This Episode

Most marketers believe a “big benefit” driven headline is all you need for a successful ad.

Truth is, that’s not gonna cut it anymore in today’s more sophisticated markets. Especially if you’re in the health space. In fact—chances are your perfect prospect has already seen your headline or “hook” before.

So… how do you position your health promotion so it grabs attention and cuts through all the market clutter, fast?

Today I’ve got health copywriter Jason Rutkowski on the show. Jason helps clients in the health space shoot up sales with his unique health headline strategies. He’s also mentored under top-of-the-heap copywriter Parris Lampropoulos (who is notoriously selective when choosing copywriters to coach.)

As Jason explains in the interview, people in the health market have been exposed to benefit driven headlines too much…

… so you must have a DEEP understanding of what your perfect prospect has already seen. And Blindly “swiping” themes and ideas for your ads isn’t the solution.

In this episode, Jason reveals how you can write attention-grabbing health headlines that’ll boost your sales, and set your campaign apart from those “same old” ads.

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Are you still “swiping” winning ads for your own campaign? (Why this is likely killing your sales in the health space… and what Jason suggests you do instead to create unique, money-making promotions.)
  • The counter-intuitive “anti-competition” trick to diving deep into your prospect’s head… and positioning YOUR offer as the “be all end all” cure to his health problem.
  • Jason: “There’s two ways to approach health headlines: one focused on benefit…. and one focused on ________.” (You’re already ahead of the game once you start framing your health headlines this way.)


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