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Ep 74: How You Can Use Basic Songwriting Principles To Guarantee Powerful Copy with Addison Rice

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Ep 74: How You Can Use Basic Songwriting Principles To Guarantee Powerful Copy with Addison Rice

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In This Episode

Reality is, copywriting is much like a performance art. And one consistent thing I see in great copywriters is…

… they all have an interesting hobby or passion that fuels their creativity.

In fact, the most compelling copy usually packs a rhythmic punch just like a good song. So it’s no surprise that many prolific copywriters can also play an instrument…

… or have a performance driven talent they’re pursuing along with the craft of writing copy.

So… how can you use performance art principles to punch up your sales copy so it sings to your perfect prospect’s deepest desires?

Today I’ve got singer-songwriter and premiere copywriter Addison Rice on the show for a two part series…

… where we discuss how you can use the basics of songwriting to beef up your sales copy. Addison has been writing songs and playing guitar since the age 15, way before he was a copywriter…

… and he’s currently writing sales copy for Jesse Elder. So Addison knows a thing or two about applying the fundamentals of music to write persuasive, direct response copy that sells.

In this first part, Addison shows you what sales copy has in common with writing songs…

… and his secret to tapping into your most creative “flow” states while writing. (You’ll wanna hear his unique insights on why copywriting really is a performance art… and how you can quickly inject rhythm and emotional punch that’ll make your copy sing.)

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Do you have a passion or a hobby that you’ve neglected because of your sole focus on mastering copy? (Why this is actually killing your creativity… and what Kevin suggests you do to fire up your creative juices faster than you imagined possible.)
  • The “70s Kung Fu” trick to tapping into your creative “flow” state quickly… and unleashing the creative power of your subconscious mind when writing. (Most of your BEST copy comes from your unconscious mind humming on all cylinders… so use this to fire ‘er up almost on demand.)
  • How to use the basics of songwriting to nail your big ideas… and then mold them into persuasive copy that sings to your perfect prospect’s deepest desires. (Addison’s been doing this to write emails that get the click n’ the sale for years.)


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