Ep 71: How To Add Tension To Your Copy And Keep Your Readers Glued with Carolynn Ananian

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In This Episode

The reality is, people rarely remember facts. But they’ll always remember how you made them feel.

Most marketers make the mistake of omitting all the facts from their sales stories.

That’s a mistake because a lack of facts make for a weak sales argument.

You DO need facts…

… but you’ve got to let the facts serve your story.

Fortunately there is a way to fuse your facts and your story together.

Freelance copywriter and story specialist Carolynn Ananian returns to the show.

Carolynn shared her unique B.A.R storytelling method in her last appearance…

…. and today, we’re going deeper on one of the most critical elements for addictive storytelling: Tension.

As Carolynn explains in the interview, tension is what glues your audience to your story…

… and the more conflict you can spark for your characters, the more tension you’ll create. This makes your audience CARE.

In this episode, Carolynn shows you how to inject gripping tension into your sales stories using her simple three step formula. (If you’ve been struggling with making your stories stick—don’t miss this.)

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • Are you still using cheesy “open loop” phrases like “more on that in a second…”? (Why this is likely killing your connection to your audience… and what Carolynn suggests you do instead to get ’em hooked on your tales.)
  • The ONE thing you absolutely must inject into the beginning of your story so your audience can’t resist coming back for more. (And it’s so simple you’re likely overlooking its attention-grabbing power.)
  • The “body hits the floor” trick to creating eye-popping tension that’ll have your audience scrambling to get the rest of your story… even if you’re completely dry on ideas right now.


Get Carolynn’s BAR Method for Storytelling here

Check out Carolynn’s previous Copy Chief Radio episode here

Download the episode here

Show notes written by Max Hamm. You can reach Max at maxhammcopy.com.

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