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Ep 59: The BAR Method For Addictive Storytelling with Carolynn Ananian

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Ep 59: The BAR Method For Addictive Storytelling with Carolynn Ananian

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In This Episode

It’s more important than ever to inject persuasive stories into your marketing. In fact, just “telling a story” won’t cut it with today’s attention spans.

You’ve got to hook ’em fast… otherwise they’ll click away and buy from someone else.

So… how do you tell a story so good that you make your bartender go “Whoa! That was the best damn story I’ve heard all day…”?

Former drink slinger turned freelance copywriter Carolynn Ananian joins me on the show. She helps clients craft compelling marketing stories using her unique BAR method.

As we discuss in the interview, your prospect’s attention span today is about 8 seconds. That’s one second less than a goldfish

… so you must inject powerful story into your marketing that jolts your prospects awake from their digital stupor.

In this episode, Carolynn reveals the three critical components to telling a quick, eyeball-popping story you can use in your marketing. (You’ll want to hear her unique insights on story from doubling as a makeshift therapist and entertainer during her time behind the bar counter.)

“Can’t Miss” Moments:

  • The two critical ingredients you’re likely forgetting in your storytelling that make your marketing fall flat… and what to do instead to avoid the graveyard of lifeless stories.
  • Can you tell your entire story in a few short sentences? (And why you’re likely throwing in everything but the kitchen sink into your story and blowing the sale.)
  • The “Robin Hood” storytelling trick to almost instantly bond with your perfect prospect. (This is what every popular video game does to get players addicted to the point they don’t see sunlight for days.)


Grab Carolynn’s BAR Method for Addictive Storytelling here

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