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EP 300: John Carlton: “My only regret…”

“My only regret…”
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EP 300: John Carlton: “My only regret…”

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In This Episode

Fresh off a year-long hiatus, John is introspective and fiery as ever in this sprawling interview that covers his wildest personal adventures, his take on AI as a writing partner, and his best advice for anyone who wants to be a top copywriter.

John also shares the “one regret” that would have made him even more impactful as a copywriter and business consultant. 

I’ve interviewed John close to 50 times over the years, this is certainly one of the best. A true must listen for anyone looking for an edge in sales, and in life. 

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #300 – John Carlton: “My only regret…”


[01:50] How to get 30 hrs of persuasion secrets from “the most ripped-off writer alive”…for FREE…The very same secrets Daniel Throssell used to launch his career.

[04:21] A stupidly simple “LIFE HACK” that practically forces you to be a better writer — especially good when you feel like a caffeinated extension of your keyboard.

[06:06] Why the root cause of any conversion problem isn’t always the copy. (And it ain’t the design either.)

[29:42] A doozy of a politically incorrect opinion about the limits of AI. And why rookies and battle-hardened pros alike will still have jobs (probably).  

[46:56] The thing that scares Kevin the most about the future for copywriters…and what YOU can do to counteract it. 

[47:19] How to apply the sneaky “ACTION” rule that took John 20 years to figure out…use it TODAY to punch up any soul-less sales letter, VSL, or promo. 

[53:06]Shit, that’s true”. The powerful mindset shift and single most important thing you can do to protect your career — and sanity.  

[1:05:30] A 3000+ year old question that hits you right in the spam filter…most people are too afraid to answer it…including your clients. If you can figure it out, you’ll be an industry go-to.

[01:08:01] How “I derailed a train…” and how that led to being a “___________  ___________”. If you’re a copywriter, you need to develop this skill — even if you prefer to stay hunkered in your bunker.

[01:12:32] The “Helen Keller Question” that thwarts imposter syndrome and instantly puts mood-hoovering doom merchants in their place. No Xanax required.

Bullets written by Angela Archer, who won the “Bullet the Podcast” challenge inside Copy Chief. Angela is an excellent copywriter who specializes in helping authors rank, promote, and monetize their books on Amazon and beyond. You can contact here at


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