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EP 299: Self-awareness for the win with Debbie Owen

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EP 299: Self-awareness for the win with Debbie Owen

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In This Episode

You may have heard me obsessing about the Enneagram. 

It’s an insightful tool for understanding what drives your thinking and behavior. 

Super important to know as a copywriter and business owner. 

My guest today, Debbie Owen, is an Enneagram coach who has taken things to another level by incorporating neuro-science into the mix. 

We went deep on…

  • Why the best copywriters are always SELF-AWARE…
  • The way to sell to all personality types in ONE AD…
  • How to know right away if you’ll WORK WELL with someone or not…

Let’s get to know you better…

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #299 – Self-awareness for the win with Debbie Owen


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