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EP 298: Susan Berkley on shifting your human voice for influence

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EP 298: Susan Berkley on shifting your human voice for influence

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In This Episode

There’s no getting around it, these days you need to be seen and HEARD by your clients and customers. 

Susan Berkley is a world-renowned vocal trainer. She helps speakers, executives, and every other kind of influencer on how to use vocal inflections to move past nerves and persuade their audiences.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The 4 types of vocal influence types and how and when to use them…
  • How she trains “dry as styrofoam” financial experts to sound interesting and relatable in Video Sales Letters…
  • Simple voice warm-ups you can do in the shower to increase your vocal resonance (she actually had me do these on the mic!)… 
  • How to flip the switch and soothe your nerves before speaking to a live audience…
  • And, the reasons why AI can never replace human connection in writing or voice work…

Your voice is one of the most powerful tools you have to become a trusted authority. It only takes a little awareness and some simple tactics to use it with confidence. 

You’ll leave this episode with both.

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #298 Susan Berkely on shifting your human voice for influence


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