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EP 301: Marie Forleo “Write it rude”

Marie Forleo
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EP 301: Marie Forleo “Write it rude”

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In This Episode

“How the hell did an interview about writing lead to THIS!?” said Marie at one point, throwing her hands up and her head back with laughter. 

I had a lot of questions or Marie since our last interview years ago, including her take on AI, longevity in business, and why she chooses not to be on actual TV.

As always, she answered with raw honesty and sharp introspection. This one is a raucous ride. 

In case you somehow missed it… Marie Forleo is a force of energy that permeates far beyond the world of digital marketing. She’s been featured in Oprah’s “Super Soul Sessions” and in countless national magazine cover stories. Her long-running show Marie TV has reached millions of loyal viewers.

But, make no mistake, Marie is a world-class marketer and passionate copywriter. Her live copy course (co-lead by Laura Belgray) The Copy Cure is a perennial best seller and is in launch now until November 2nd. 

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