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EP 302: Nicholas Kusmich – Kill Your Funnel Now

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EP 302: Nicholas Kusmich – Kill Your Funnel Now

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In This Episode

Until now, the only one to hear this conversation was an AI note taker, and it was very impressed! 

Just look…

The meeting was a conversation between Kevin Rogers and Nicholas Kusmich, discussing Kusmich’s personal and professional journey, including his upbringing in an immigrant family, his early calling to ministry, and his decision to pursue a side hustle to support his family while still serving as a pastor

They also discussed Kusmich’s journey into Facebook ads and his consultancy and agency. They emphasized the importance of understanding the game of marketing and human behavior, providing value before asking for anything in return, and playing the long game in marketing.

The meeting also touched on the problems with the funnel concept in marketing and the difference between information seekers and solution seekers. They discussed the importance of selling to solution seekers and how to reframe the conversation to attract them. 

They also discussed the importance of category creation in marketing and how it can help businesses become the category king

The conversation provided insight into Kusmich’s personal values and how he expresses them through his tattoos.

Sounds lit to me, and I was there! 

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