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EP 247: New Breed: April Dykman – How to land (or lose) the gig

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EP 247: New Breed: April Dykman – How to land (or lose) the gig

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In This Episode

April Dykman has worn your shoes. She struggled up treacherous Mt. Freelance with just a pair of mittens and a pickaxe to start. Met some trusty guides along the way, and did ALL the work to become the independent (and in-demand!) business owner she is today, calling the shots and collecting “mailbox money” royalties for control crushing copy she writes alongside Parris Lampropoulos.

She’s also the copy chief for Mirasee, a company who has a reputation for producing high quality work and being a joy to work with for copywriters.

They do a lot of hiring, and the applications go through April. So, she’s on the receiving end of all the delightful surprises and complete trainwrecks freelancers perform when applying for the gig.

Today, because we’re rooting for you… April lists out the good, the bad, and the downright ridiculous things to embrace and avoid when applying for any copywriting job.

Are you making these mistakes when applying for copy jobs? Let’s find out…



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