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EP 248: Freelancer’s Journery: Kev Kaye “What you actually need is a growth strategy.”

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EP 248: Freelancer’s Journery: Kev Kaye “What you actually need is a growth strategy.”

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In This Episode

In the trendy, fast-changing world of direct response marketing, staying consistent to your marketing beliefs can be difficult. But if the foundation of what you do is focused on OUTCOMES for your client, digging in and holding steady against the trends in a strong way to position yourself. 

Kev Kaye is a great example of staying true to your ideals, and letting the trends come around to you.  

He’s been leading with “growth strategy” as his marketing approach since the term was only readily understood by tech start-ups. Today, it’s the thing just about every info-publisher and Ecomm seller identifies as the solution to their wonky marketing strategy. 

Today, Kev shares the big lessons that have led to his dreamlike success, all the way from “typical C-student” to running his high-level business from his cool-ass studio loft overlooking his hometown of Rochester, NY. 

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #248 Freelancer’s Journey: Kev Kay of GrowthBoks – “What you actually need is a growth strategy.”



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