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EP 249: Wisdom Tree: Carline Anglade-Cole – “Your copy sucks, you don’t”

CCR Ep 249
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EP 249: Wisdom Tree: Carline Anglade-Cole – “Your copy sucks, you don’t”

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In This Episode

Carline Anglade-Cole is relentlessly honest. So, if you put your sales copy in front of her for review, you better be prepared for a lot of notes and no punches pulled. 

“Your copy sucks, you don’t,” is the loving warning shot she puts out before launching into the kind of ego-slashing, red ink copy teardown only a true veteran of the craft like her can give. 

Her new book, with that phrase chosen by her students unanimously as the title, is about a lot more than copywriting though. 

“I was turning 60, so I decided to share 60 life lessons and it just took off from there.”

Today we talk about a few of those life lessons, what she expects from “a real writer”, and why copywriters need to quit cursing all the time!

Listen to Copy Chief radio #249 Wisdom Tree: Carline Anglade-Cole “Your Copy Sucks, You Don’t”



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