EP 225: Freelancer’s Journey: Addison Rice – His recipe for digital nomad freedom

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In This Episode

Addison Rice is on one hell of an adventure.

His journey into copywriting started with a question… and a Negroni.

“Hey, how would you go about making money with music online?”

The answer sparked a conversation that moved Addison out of Phase 0 (searching for salvation) and catapulted him into Phase 5 (scaling beyond client work) of The Freelancer’s Journey.

The result? Five figure months for Addison, and millions in sales for his clients.

It gets better…

You know that dreamy and nomadic lifestyle some people picture when they think of freelancing?

That’s Addison. 

He recorded this episode from his converted school bus (“schoolie”) turned mobile living room/workspace/music studio…

It’s how he and his wife (and bandmate) Jahnavi, travel and share their music all over the country. They’re currently parked in the backcountry on an island somewhere on the West coast…

… in a spot so remote he had to install a special gadget to get some wifi.

While the “schoolie” gives wheels to Addison’s nomadic lifestyle, copywriting fuels his financial freedom and fulfilling way of life.  

Now he is sharing his journey to finding his copywriting rhythm (and the autonomy it has granted him…)

Plus, you’ll learn how he used his “Bat Signal Talent” to blend his passions (copy and music). 

Listen to the latest Copy Chief Radio Freelancer’s Journey episode with Addison Rice, who shares his recipe for using your freelance skills to achieve digital nomad freedom.

Let’s rock and roll!

  • The in-demand money skill that took Addison from running open mic nights in his hometown to bus-living-and-guitar-picking liberation
  • Mentorship, inquisitiveness, & money skills – how to use these 3 instruments to create a symphony of success in your freelancing journey
  • “I need to learn this by doing this.” Addison’s take on mining endless opportunities BEFORE you’re an “expert”
  • How to use your “Bat Signal Talent” to attract dream clients (without working nightmare hours) 
  • Tips on how to toss out the vanilla flavored copy and whip up tasty messaging they’ll savor
  • What all freelancers should be doing right now (your future clients are watching)



Plus… whenever you’re ready:

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Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers
Kevin Rogers is a stand up comic turned copywriter and now a copy chief. Kevin is also a best-selling author of The 60-Second Sales Hook. He created Copy Chief to bridge the gap between biz owners eager to improve their sales conversions and copywriters eager to show off their hard-won copy chops.
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