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EP 226: Coffee With Kev – Copywriting Crash Course During A Car Chase Movie Scene

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EP 226: Coffee With Kev – Copywriting Crash Course During A Car Chase Movie Scene

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In This Episode

Hey! It’s Sammy Musgrave here for Copy Chief, your comrade in freelancing and copywriting. 

Tell me… how did you feel when you found out direct response copywriting was a thing?

At first, I thought the chances of “making it” were as likely as starring in the next Avengers movie alongside my “someday” boyfriend, Chris Hemsworth. 

Many of us dive into our copywriting journey by thinking:

“Sure, I’ll test the waters, but I’m not quitting my day job.”

(With the secret hope to quit our day job ASAP) 

Same here – I began stalking the craft (phase 1 of the freelancer’s journey) alongside a group of freelancing battle buddies… 

And something crazy happened (at least, it felt crazy to us):

We all started to “prove the model” (phase 2 of the freelancer’s journey) and realized we could…

… make a damn good living at copywriting.
… work with dream clients.
… and become sought-after experts in our niche.

Of course, that’s a whole lot easier when you’ve got the right tools and support network. 

In this ‘Coffee with Kev’ episode of Copy Chief Radio, you’ll find out how to get them for yourself. 

Kevin talks about how writers can use battle-tested frameworks to fly through the first draft, make the sale, and get clients that pay well. 

Friend, this one’s for you if you’re an aspiring writer (or a writer who feels stuck, and wants to go steady with the Chris Hemsworth of careers)…

So, buckle up – Papa Kev is taking his cuppa joe and you on a zany and informative road trip, and we’ve got a hell of a playlist to look forward to!


Listen To Copy Chief Radio #226 Coffee With Kev: Copywriting Crash Course During A Car Chase Movie Scene.

  • The false myth of the “starving writer” that keeps most freelancers stuck in “side hustle mode”
  • How to make “famous novelist” money without ever writing a book (even if no one knows your name)
  • Discover the treasure trove of tools that show you how to create an instant bond with your best buyer
  • How to fly through your first draft using 10 questions that every ad must answer to make the sale
  • One slip of paper that contains everything you need to master copywriting and get paid to do what you love 


Let’s get this show on the road! 
Sammy Musgrave for Copy Chief



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