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EP 224: New Breed: Elite Email Copywriting with Chris Orzechowski

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EP 224: New Breed: Elite Email Copywriting with Chris Orzechowski

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In This Episode

When it comes to learning the absolute essentials of email copywriting… 

… the proven message frameworks… 
… the exact order of sequences, 
… the psychology behind every email you send (right down to the subject line), 
… and in what order and timeframe to send them…

There is only ONE email copywriter I trust to give me a PROVEN email strategy for selling what I’m selling without leaning on hype tactics or hearsay…

That’s Chris Orzechowski.

Chris has been my “hired gun” email copywriter (back when I could get him) and now consultant going back to the second Copy Chief Live event.

The emails he wrote for the live events helped boost sales over 50% two years in a row!

I’ve also hired Chris to optimize every one of my cart abandonment sequences. The result is a double digit increase in sales from buyers returning to complete their orders. (They also write us love notes about how the emails gave them a laugh and got them excited about buying!)

Chris was also quick to recognize a hole in our membership renewal sequence and with a few easy tweaks we saw an immediate increase in response to those emails, which led to tens of thousands in renewal sales. 

So, when big shot colleagues ask me who the best email sales expert I know is… with zero hesitation, “Chris O” is the name I give them.

In today’s brand new interview we discuss how to “write yourself better” and why “shipping the work” is the fastest way to get better as a copywriter. 

Plus, the details on Chris’s overhaul of his signature email copywriting course, Email Copy Academy, and why he decided to teach it live again.



Plus… whenever you’re ready:

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