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Ep 117: Ferocious copywriting with Ryan McGrath

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Ep 117: Ferocious copywriting with Ryan McGrath

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In This Episode

Ryan McGrath is ferocious.

I mean, if you saw him on the streets of Baltimore you wouldn’t instinctively cross the street to avoid crossing his path…

… but because his writing is so ferocious, many copywriters have crossed the street to shake his hand.

Ryan is the in-house copy chief at Agora Financial where, along with Joe Schriefer and their team of ferocious hit-makers, they’ve generated hundreds of millions in sales over the last two years alone.

Ryan wants you to know what it means to take a ferocious approach to writing copy, so he wrote a new book aptly titled, the Ferocious Copywriter Manifesto.

When I read it I knew this would be a sizzling interview…

If you appreciate an aggressive, take no prisoners approach to selling with words, then you’ll love this interview.

And if your style is more reserved, then you’ll definitely pick up some valuable insights about how to ramp up the excitement in your copy.  


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