Ep 118: Copy Legend David Deutsch on Why We Buy

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In This Episode

My friend David Deutsch knows things very few people know.

And unlike most revered copy gurus, he tends to keep them to himself.

There are a few reasons for this. Some of them logistical (like being super busy consulting the biggest marketing companies on the planet), others are personal (he’s not quite sure he wants everyone knowing what he knows).

But, I can tell you, when you get face-to-face with him, he holds nothing back.

Which is why whenever I’m in a room with David, I never pass up a chance to interrogate him about things like…

  • The #1 thing he learned working for David Ogilvy (yes, that’s right)…
  • Which copywriting tactics are now obsolete, and which one never will be…
  • The one “money skill” he built his reputation on (and how he got so good at it)…
  • The actual reason people feel urgency to buy, and why many copywriters get it wrong…

I had this conversation last month with David while we were in Phoenix at our friend John Carlton’s mastermind meeting.

Fortunately for you and me, the mics were live, and David has agreed to let me release the recording.


Visit David’s website here

Download the episode here




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  • Stacy

    Great episode. I like what David had to say about giving proof and being trustworthy.

  • George Gonzo

    Hi Kevin…
    Need your help.
    Look forward to listening to every podcast and in particular, your selection
    of guests and the insightful conversations.
    A while ago, listened to a podcast you did with an “Irish” writer and the content
    was focused mostly on the “Hook” and the “Story.”
    I’ve tried to find that podcast in the archives but without success.
    If you can recall the name of the Irish Guest, would appreciate receiving it and being
    able to listen to it again.
    Thanks Kevin…and have a great Sunday.
    Vancouver Island

    • Tim Woo

      Hey George, Tim here. I’m part of Kevin’s team.
      I don’t recall an Irish guest that talked about a hook or story. The only person I can think of is Ross O’Lochlainn, but he talked about USP.
      Try doing a search on hook on our site and see if you find anything.
      If you remember the actual content, we may be able to help, but other than that… it’s a bit vague for us to figure out which of the 300+ episodes we did on that topic 🙂
      Sorry, George!

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