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Ep 106: Stretch, Risk or Die – Embracing Fear To Achieve Freedom with Rhonda Britten

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Ep 106: Stretch, Risk or Die – Embracing Fear To Achieve Freedom with Rhonda Britten

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In This Episode

It’s no secret that the real reason we HESITATE or PROCRASTINATE on the things we KNOW are best for us comes down to fear.

But, who wants to DEAL with all that?

My friend Rhonda Britten from Fearless Living says, when it comes to procrastination at least, maybe you don’t NEED to change a thing.

What if waiting till the deadline if banging at the door like a hungry dragon is just part of your process?

What if we simply adopted the belief that starting sooner, and being hyper organized, and wearing a pearl satin scarf at our oak writing desk is the way writing is SUPPOSED to happen?

That we’re not wrong for DOING it our way after all.

Wow, that was an easy fix.

OK, thanks for reading… talk to you later.

Alright, it DOES get a little trickier when you do come to recognize your actual fear, because now you’ve got to own it, and learn to work with it.

Somehow, Rhonda makes it all feel manageable, because as she revealed – in stunning detail – during our first interview she has been there.

This time Rhonda and I dig deeper into how we recognize when fear is showing up to HELP us, and when it’s there to HOLD us back.

Plus, she outlines her Stretch, Risk or Die “Wheel of Fear” to help you your fears in their place and make them manageable – so you can FUNCTION and THRIVE.


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