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Ep 107: Creating YouTube ads that actually sell with Tom Breeze

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Ep 107: Creating YouTube ads that actually sell with Tom Breeze

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In This Episode

If you’re still not using (or at least exploring) YouTube ads as a profit channel in your business, you must listen to this brand new episode with my guest, Tom Breeze.

This is my second time interviewing Tom. His agency, Viewability, is the highest ranked YouTube ads agency by spend on the planet. So… he’s the best you can get on the topic.

Since our last interview, I’ve been working with Tom’s team to create my own YouTube ad campaign and man have I learned a LOT.

In this episode you’ll hear…
– How to get your ad in front of your prospect at the very moment they need to hear your message…
– How to know exactly what that message should be…
– The best STYLE of video to use in YouTube ads…
– The critical difference between placement and keyword ad types…

and more important things that you have to know before you run a YT ad campaign, and all the reasons why DOING it now will have you excited.

Plus, I’ll share the early results of my campaign, and the things we are planning next to run PROFITABLE ads on YouTube.

Video is the now and future of direct response, come get hip to how you can beat the rush on YouTube…


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