Ep 105: My Secret About Handling Money with Kevin Rogers

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In This Episode

If you and I sat down for coffee, and the subject of money came up, this is what I would share with you.

I’ve never really talked about it publicly before. I’m hoping it can help you avoid the same mistake.

The first thing you need to realize is a SYSTEM is being built around you.

This is true whether you’re aware of it or not.

In this episode, I shared an example from my own Copy Chief Live event… and why you must be aware of your system.

A couple “Can’t Miss” moments:

    • The “Agreement” question you must always ask yourself before committing to anything (Most people overlooking this, which can cost you money, time, and energy)


  • What to do if you collect loads of money before the bill’s due (Do this if you want to avoid “money scrambles” FOREVER)



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  • John Pejchl


    I finally got around to listening to this post.
    Thank you for being transparent about your financial past. The future sounds like it’s on a firm foundation. Congratulations!!!

    8 years ago I started my get out of debt journey. I was 20K in hock to IRS, 20K in student loans(finally out of default). I got out of debt to everyone last November.

    To say the last year has been financially peaceful is an understatement.

    I hope everyone in the community listens to this, hears what you say, and starts their path.

    This is such an embarrassing point to a lot of people. The more we talk about it. The more we can help.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  • John


    Thank you for sharing the history of your financial evolution. It sounds a lot like mine.
    I too was bankrupt, twice.
    I also battled to get out of debt. It was a tough seven years. I accomplished it 13 months ago.
    The “screw you” fund that John Carlton teaches is such a peaceful place to be.

    I hope everyone listens to this. It’s that important

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