Episode 53 – The Truth About Conquering Fear with Rhonda Britten

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In This Episode

3:17: Rhonda reveals the secret superpower that gives her a 55% close rate in a room of strangers.

4:20: How Rhonda did 600 episodes of TV, and even became the first ever Life Coach in the world on a reality television show … without a single line of script to guide her. (And how she paved the way for everyone who followed her.)

8:15: The #1 question Rhonda asks every single person who applies to work with her, and the most common mistake you’re making that prevents you from getting what you want.

12:15: “Marketing is learned!” How to become famous and influential doing anything you want, and how to do it better than everyone else.

14:55: How Rhonda wakes people up from crippling fear, and the shockingly accurate test she uses to help people take back control of their lives.

18:10: Why you NEED to bite the bullet and finally reveal your scariest personal story to the world. (Hint: It’s not bitching, it’s building a relationship with your audience.)

20:10: How to tell the true measure of a person and win your audience’s trust as an expert. (Even if you think your story is stupid.)

21:10: Rhonda shares her most horrific story, and what sent her into a 20-year spiral of self-destruction before emerging victorious and dedicating herself to saving others from fear (if you’re not moved to tears, and then cheers, you may not be human)

31:10: Why Rhonda can change your life in just one meeting, even if you never see her again. (And how she deeply touches her audience instead of coming across like a cheap gimmick.)

32:55: Every excuse you have is wrong. Rhonda explains why, once you know how to deal with fear, you can take action on the things you’ve avoided for years and master ANYTHING.

Show bullets written by Carolynn Ananian. You can reach Carolynn on Twitter @carolynnananian

Resources Mentioned

Fearless Living

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  • Reply

    Excellent Excellent

  • Reply

    Thank you, Kevin, for having Rhonda on the show. I had heard her name in passing, but had quite forgotten about her until I heard her talk about fearless living. I did not know her story, but now, her story has helped remind me that even though I have told my story, in Depression Smackdown, I need to KEEP telling it to make a difference for someone NEW. I mean, she’s a household name in some circles, and been telling her story for two decades, and today, because of your podcast I finally got to hear it and get the message that goes with it. If that doesn’t prove you need to keep talking your talk, I do not now what is. -Mel.

  • Larry Elkan

    An absolutely excellent podcast Kevin!
    It was enjoyable, fast paced and very interesting….

  • Reply

    Amazing episode… I love Rhonda’s confidence and authenticity. It’s so true that everyone has their stories that keep them stuck. Once you learn to let go, it becomes so transformative. And, the crap you used to carry around now becomes the catalyst for people to start the process of them letting go…

    Thanks Rhonda for telling like it is and sharing your gift.

  • Marcus Kilvington

    Loved it, really good thank you.

  • April

    LOVE the part about how knowing the why doesn’t necessarily help you make a change.

    I had a coach in the past who kept saying, “You gotta put yourself out there!”

    But what I wasn’t aware of is that the idea of doing that was terrifying.

    Not just because I was afraid of being judged, but because I’ve had a few experiences in the past where visible=danger.

    Only I didn’t figure this out until much later. And in the meantime, I just felt like a failure because I wasn’t “putting myself out there.”

    I’m glad there are coaches like Rhonda who don’t just tell you “do XYZ” and then put it all on you when you can’t do it, for reasons you aren’t even aware of.

    Wonderful interview. I wasn’t ready for it to end!

  • Reply

    Brilliant. Listened twice. Thank you Rhonda
    I’m guilty of self-labelling
    A coach who cuts straight to the core fear…and gives practical ways to sort it out.
    Will buy your book.

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