Ep 54: Brian Kurtz – Becoming A Million Dollar Copywriter

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In This Episode

Brian Kurtz joins Kevin to discuss the controversy around how freelance copywriters and business owners work together.

Brian’s recent article, The Next Million Dollar Copywriter, created a lot of talk in direct response circles about the problems with how companies have been hiring and compensating freelance copywriters.

Companies want teams of full-timers who consider themselves partners. They’re “happy” to share the wealth with revenue share they say. What they are no longer accepting is the idea of paying large fees “up front” to a hired gun copywriter and hoping the ad converts.

Today’s marketing landscape is much more complex than a decade or even 5 years ago. Copywriters have long been judged for their ability to learn and execute the classic tactics of direct response. In addition to tradition, copywriters today must embrace new mediums and pave the way forward in regards to how these mediums will solve modern marketing challenges; the attention deficit first, and then the conversion deficit.

The idea that “the only constant is change” has never been more true than in today’s marketing landscape.

Is working together the best way for both companies and freelancers to maintain a strategic edge?

Should more freelancers pull up their drawers and become true business owners with their products to sell?

How could companies make it more attractive for the best talent to sell them their entire calendars?

The conversation continues now in this often contentious episode of The Truth About Marketing.

We welcome your comments and hope you’ll join us when we take the conversation live to Google Hangout where you’ll have your voice heard in real time.

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  • Reply

    Great listen with my coffee on a Saturday morning. 🙂

    Especially found the part about niching down *even more* to be helpful. I’m not nearly narrow enough right now! But when I listened to this, a couple of narrower niches came to mind right away.

    I expect to have it all worked out after a second cup of coffee. 🙂

    Re: Working with just a couple of clients and really going deep with their businesses, I’ve had one something like with with one of my clients. We’ve worked together for five years, and it’s such a different (and more productive) working relationship than with one-off clients. Excited to see where this conversation goes next.

    • Reply

      5 years is an impressive run, April. Really proves that the model works when all parties work towards making it work.

      Thanks for being part of the conversation. Looking forward to the next chapter.


  • Reply

    Kevin and Brian, brilliant and thank you. I first received Brian’s email a few weeks ago, and it resonated deeply. I’ve been writing direct response copy for the natural health market for awhile. And am tired of chasing clients and educating those with little experience with, or no respect for copywriters.

    I had the good fortune to connect with one marketer late last year. Wrote some advertorials and did well enough that he put me on retainer. This is exactly the type of client/copywriter relationship you two are talking about. And I much prefer it.

    I spend about 2/3’s of my time in research before writing a word of copy. It’s been difficult to find marketers who get that. And are willing to compensate me for “diving deeply” into a subject well enough to write copy that converts consistently.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode of this conversation.

    • Reply

      Hi David,

      Congrats on landing a gig that sounds like a perfect fit.

      Sure beats chasing down “the next client”.

      The next chapter of this conversation will be all about HOW companies and freelancers can come together. We’ve made some great strides, and there’s still a ways to go.

      I hope you’ll join us for the hangout soon.


      • Reply

        I will indeed join you for the hangout Kevin. Looking forward to it!

  • Steve Green

    Hi Kevin,

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast… I found some really useful info and great value in it.


    You mentioned a copy writer by the name of Paris, Q? What is his surname? Impropolis?

    Many thanks

    • Reply

      Hey Steve… that would be the legendary (and mysterious) Parris Lampropoulos.

      One of the greatest copywriters and copywriting teachers in the world. Brian and I both feel privileged to call him friend. Getting him out into the world to teach his secrets… that’s an ongoing project.

      You can find some of his swipes inside copy chief though.


  • Reply

    I’m so excited to see how this will unravel. And the cool thing is, we can all be a part of this. 🙂

  • Reply

    Fantastic interview. I took a bunch of notes during this.

    Great to hear both such experienced voices talk about the way forward. Any newbie copywriters here will be miles ahead of the game taking this approach.

    As a sidenote: hour long podcasts of this magnitude are awesome.

    I understand the need to keep it brief for most interviews, but you guys should look to tackle these meaty marketing/industry topics in depth on a regular basis!

  • Reply

    By far my favorite episode yet. Not only is it a hot button for us as marketers, but such a well of experience from both of you I loved it.

    If you do a hangout, I’ll be there for sure.

    On more than one occasion I received odd stares from the drivers next to me at the stoplight as I argued vehemently with your positions… out loud.


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