A coaching student asked me: “How do I know when I’m working ‘too much?’”

Good question, actually. 

The answer is personal… based on what we want – and need – at that time.

However, this idea that we should all be “striving to achieve balance” is completely vague and, frankly, WRONG.

As a non-conforming, cubicle-shunning, INDEPENDENT, there SHOULD be times when you’re going super big on something.

The key is NOT to eliminate such times, but to prepare your support system (friends, family, neighbors, therapist 😉 ) about it so they don’t think you’ve been kidnapped or gone completely mad. 

However, there are signs that you’re working too much…

We’ve all been there. 

I remember a few too many evenings when I literally felt like I could not close the laptop. 

As if some kind of psychological octopus had wrapped its suction cup tentacles around my brain… just slow-humping my mind with its own dark, Psychopus agenda while I sat helplessly reacting to his commands.

Nothing important getting done… 

Nothing inspired being created…

No innovative ideas being nurtured…

Just relentlessly REACTING to stuff.

Have you ever had that feeling? 

If you’ve been an independent entrepreneur for more than a year, I bet you have. 

We all nod when we hear the refrain, “getting to the end of the day, exhausted, but with nothing to show…”  

We know we should be working less IN the business
and more ON the business. 

But, isn’t that the MOST annoying advice you can hear? 

Thanks Mr. Headspace Guru…  so… I just whisper three things I’m grateful for and all those old habits just die?

Cool. That was easy. 

Buuuut, it’s not… actually… like that.  

So, here’s the thing…

Just like battling any other addictive habit…

The best advice in the world will not help you be more productive… 

… until you know WHY you want things to be different, and…

WHAT you should be doing with your time to grow your business.

This is something we work together in my coaching groups to solve. 

And, I’m happy to say, we are solving it. 

Now, I want to show you how.

In early November I’m spending three days with a group of freelancers who are ready to get their lives back by, finally, having a proven plan for running – and growing – their business, without the nagging self-doubt that leads to burnout.

If you want this, too, it’s not too late to sign up now.

I’ll look for you there.

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