How’s your business been treating you so far this year?

Is it the friend you can’t wait to wake up to?

Or the beast looming in the next room?

People with “real jobs” don’t quite understand how it can be.

This relationship we have with our business.

It’s complicated.

Sometimes you can feel like you don’t have control.

You created this thing that requires constant care and feeding but never quite provides what YOU need in return.

All this only made tougher when you’re reading everyone’s faux life highlights on Fakebook.

It’s easy to feel lacking, when you there’s actually so much reasons to feel grateful.

I get it.

This is the emotional cost of running an ambitious business.

I did something yesterday that helped put everything in perspective.

And got me fully charged for closing out 2016 with a big ol’ mic-droppin’ BANG .

It took about 15 minutes and fit onto one 4×6 index card.

(Getting your goals out of your head and onto a card is a powerful way to get your brain in line with your plans.)

It’s a simple 4×6 card that puts everything into focus.

I’ll keep my personal goals private for now because well, they’re personal… and this is something you do for yourself, not for the approval of others.

Now, I DO believe it’s important to share your goals with the right people, but too often we feel this desire for approval from strangers and give way too much credence to “likes” or the lack of them.

Allow people applaud your actual accomplishments, not your ambitions. Otherwise your brain will accept false recognition and overlook your bigger goals.

Here’s how to make your own Focus Card…

  • Write the time frame at the top. Be very specific. You could do this for a week or a month or a quarter like I did here.
  • Under that list your major goal you want to focus on. Again, be specific and list the END GOAL. Mine card includes focus for growing my business, improving my fitness, and creating great memories with my family, and they’re all very specific.

For example, one of mine is “Record the 100th episode of the Truth About Marketing.” Which is more effective than saying “produce 15 more episodes” because the latter feels like work while the former celebrates the victory.

  • Then create a visual of the action required to accomplish your goals. I wrote the words FOCUS and FINISH and a line with 32 dashes representing the things I’ll need to accomplish to reach my goals.

3 reasons why creating your Focus Card is so powerful…

  1. Writing out your goals makes them real. Seems obvious, but how often do we keep them rattling around in our heads with no plan to achieve them? Taking the time to write them out and study them allows your subconscious mind to recognize them and help you make them real.
  2. Listing your goals on one small card makes them manageable. The small space also forces you to choose what’s important. We have to be realistic about what we can accomplish. When we don’t create a visual blueprint for our goals we tend to let them go and feel guilty about giving up on what we really want to accomplish.
  3. Mapping out the timeline helps you identify the areas where you’ll need help. We live in a time of unprecedented access to people and information that can guide you to wherever it is you want to go, and anything you want to achieve. Yet, because we’re independent minded entrepreneurs, we tend to “go it alone.” That’s craziness. You can double or triple your speed by asking for help where you need it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or if you’ve gotten too busy to write out your goals, I hope you’ll take 15 minutes to do this for yourself.

If you do, I’d love to hear how it went for you.

Did listing your goals and sharpening your focus give you perspective?

What became your #1 priority?

How will you work to accomplish it?

Post in the comments or click that email icon on this page and let me know how you did.

I’m rooting for you.


P.S. There is a second critical component to this exercise that I’ll share in an upcoming post, but for now, just start by making your card. Simply listing your goals and creating focus will reduce your stress and make you feel great. That is the perfect first step.

P.P.S. If you think I can help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, then you’ll be interested to know I’m organizing a new mastermind group where we focus on the 5 Essential Elements of a High-Impact Mastermind. Check it out and see what you think.

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