As an entrepreneur in the self-improvement world, you’re pouring a ton of blood, sweat and tears into your business on a daily basis…

You’re creating life-changing products and services and putting beaming smiles on people’s faces without them needing to gorge on an entire chocolate cake.

You’d figure your work is done right there, and your customers will flock to you with soul-warming gratitude and open wallets.

Yet in reality, even generating good leads to your business can be frustrating, let alone making steady sales.

Many on-line entrepreneurs are shell-shocked when prospects put up resistance when it comes to something as seemingly insignificant as offering an e-mail address for example, in exchange for valuable content or information.

This can be scary… You put in all this effort in building your funnel, producing quality offers, and pricing them accordingly, but you can’t even get prospects to knock on the door. They don’t even get to see your handy work!

This is something I encounter all the time. For example, a self-improvement information marketer I worked with recently had this to say about a problem he was having:

Am I being unreasonable to expect folks to submit their email to get my free reports?

When I post a report I get people who say: ‘why do you need my email if the report is free?’

I really want to say ‘look I put hours into the report and it has tons of valuable information I usually charge for… and you’re getting it all for free.’

I tell them that their email helps me form a relationship with them but they’re not convinced.”

This particular frustration is more common than you think, and you’re likely to have experienced this at one point or another in your own business.

In reality, a prospect who won’t give you an e-mail today will likely not give you a single dollar tomorrow, or next year. So you’re essentially wasting your time and energy on a silly game of cat and mouse. Plus, you’re leaving stacks of money on the table.

This isn’t just the case for your lead magnet…

It applies across the board… from the moment your prospect lands on your page for the first time… wide-eyed and curious yet skeptical… all the way to the moment they whip out their credit card to punch-in the numbers and get their hands on your offer… if you’re doing it the right way of course.

You see…

There’s something you’re probably doing with your copy right now that’s killing your chances… unknowingly.

Especially when it comes to the self-improvement world… which I’ll get to in a moment.

Nearly invisible, and definitely deadly, these sales-killing phrases are in almost everyone’s copy. So common, they’re almost undetectable.

Yet that is precisely what makes them dangerous

Why you ask?

Let’s go back in time for a second…

Think back to a tribal society from 100,000 years ago…

Evolutionarily speaking, we’re still operating on the same brains as our hunter-gatherer ancestors…

Meaning… we’re only really equipped to handle, process and connect with the lives of 150 people at most… which was a typical tribe size back then, commonly known as Dunbar’s number.

You can see how wacky this can quickly get with over 3.5 billion people on-line today…

We’re just not designed, or haven’t evolved fast enough, to process the seemingly endless Pandora’s box of information and experiences around the globe constantly beamed to us through digital media…

So what does this all mean for your business?

Well, People are more skeptical and discerning…and trust and respect are much harder to establish than ever before in the history of doing business.

Plus… when it comes to self-improvement in particular, the prospect who needs your help the most is ironically the prospect who is the most skeptical!

Self-denial and defensiveness are standard operating procedure for your buyers today…

Although you’ve dedicated your life to helping people around the world lead happier and more successful lives and have tons of satisfied clients proving it…

Your prospects not only don’t see it yet, but many of them have been shafted by the few charlatans in this business who are ruining the good work of the majority…

A classic case of a few rotten apples…

That is why your prospects can instantly start thinking “Spam” or “Scam”… and why their defensive shields kick-in so tightly where even an e-mail cannot so much as peek-in to your world…

One phrase in your copy could be the difference between a fruitless dead-end struggle and a happy pocket full of money… with buyers who trust and respect you… and are loyal to you.

So… How do you get around this sub-par rodeo and start getting more “I must have this NOW!” from your prospects instead of “Here comes more spam!” or even worse… “Why do you need my e-mail if it’s free?”?

How do you stand-out from your competition, get past the stereotypical “charlatan” or “snake oil” salesman label polluting the self-improvement world, and transcend the standard-issue skepticism of your buyers?

You must sweep your copy for sales-killing phrases…

And replace them instead with specific words earning your prospect’s TRUST and RESPECT.

So.. How do you do that?

Let’s get down to it…

3 Examples Of Sales-Killing Phrases And Exactly How To Fix Them:

  1. “This works for everyone” – or any phrase implying a universal solution

Why this kills the sale:  

It comes down to basic human psychology…

Human beings are turned-off by one size fits all solutions…

We like to feel special, respected, and significant…

We want solutions to be designed with our unique problems in mind…

Even though your product or service can help people from all walks of life, you’re best served focusing on your one ideal laser-targeted avatar… and making them feel like a special snowflake.

We LOVE having things with our name on it… and we will trust and buy from the individual who can describe our desires to us better than we can.

Here’s what to say instead:

“If you’ve ever dreamed of (insert laser-targeted big benefit for ideal avatar)  then this will be one of the most exciting messages you’ll ever read.  Here’s why…”

  1. “This program/product/service helps you develop a strategy for…”

Why this kills the sale:

The problem with words like “strategy” or “blueprint” is they sound like more WORK.

Strategy makes it sound like a bunch of Wall Street CEOs huddled up in a conference rooms for hours on end talking about infinite growth…

Your prospect does not want a strategy or a blueprint… they want a cure… and fast.

People will trust the business owner who can deliver results quicker and easier than everyone else…

So here’s what to say to swing the odds in your favor instead:

“Product/Service/Program X with its easy to follow step-by-step instructions will start to seep into your subconscious the first time you apply it… so you start feeling (insert emotional transformational benefit – not feature) in Y short hours/days”

Notice the difference?

Doesn’t sound like work anymore…  and you’ll earn your buyer’s trust as the go-to individual for quick, easy, and life changing solutions.

  1. “Stop being lazy/ Stop being a coward/ Stop being overweight”

If there’s one thing you take away from this entire piece… never talk down to your prospects

There’s a big misconception in the self-improvement world especially for business owners new to the space…

It’s the idea of putting on the high and mighty “GURU” hat and blasting your prospects for their shortcomings in life…

Not only does this kill trust in the long-term… you’re also closing the doors on a loyal customer base

Plus… it comes off fake and insincere when it’s not really “you”

In reality… people land on your offer from different life circumstances

You don’t know their story or what they’ve been through… especially first-time buyers.

Leading with trust, respect and empathy instead will seal the deal here…

Here’s what to say:

“I’m here for you every step of the way…”

“I’m here to make sure you never struggle with this as much as I did in the past…”

“Join our community of X like-minded supportive people…”

Want more phrases and how to fix them so YOU can earn buyer trust and respect, build loyalty, and pave the way to a profitable self-improvement business for the long-haul?

I’ve compiled a list of the most common and deadly sales-killing phrases in the self-improvement space… why they’re hurting your sales… and what to say instead to fix all that in your very own FREE copy of:

“Why Aren’t They Buying Your Self-Improvement Products? 10 Sales-Killing Phrases… And What To Say Instead To Earn Buyer Trust & Respect”

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